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CX 500-B
Sennheiser Earbuds In-Ear Headphones

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Excellent durable headphone with noise cancellation


This headphone has been my favorite, far better than those nasty while ipod headphones. I use them communting through NYC subways and it really makes my trip alot better. It cancels out noise from the outside and plays high quality music. I use it on my iphone and the only thing I wish was for me to be able to pick up calls with it. Unfortunately it doesn't but that doesn't make me dislike the headphone any less. The problem I have with it is that once I pack it away to store and unwind it, it remains very curled up. When I walk around with it, this causes the headphone wire to touch my neck which is not very comfortable. Also, the length between the two earphones are different with the left one being much shorter. I find it a bit annoying but I learned to deal with it. Other than that, I really like this headphone as I don't tend to blast music in my ears. This phone allows me to keep the outside noise out while keeping the sound from being too high so I don't need to drown the outside noise with my music.

Fresh Meadows, NY


Great bass and sound, but broke pretty fast.


After the headphones that came with my MP3 player died, I decided I needed to buy some new ones.  I did a little research and stumbled upon these CX500's and since they had some pretty good reviews and were a decent price, I decided to buy them.  When I first got them, I deifnitely wasn't disappointed in my purchase.  They sounded amazing and I was able to find the right size to fit in my ears perfectly (which I thought would be hard because it's the first time I've tried in-the-ear earphones).  Overall, I was in love with them and used them every chance I could get.  They really canceled out noise and made it more enjoyable to listen to music.  However, about a week ago, one of the headphones went out after I went jogging with them.  It was probably my fault, since they're probably not meant to be taken jogging, but I was still disappointed because I thought they'd last longer since the wires are made of a kind of strechy material.  I'll still be repurchasing a pair of the same kind of headphones though, and I'll be sure to take better care of that pair so they won't break!  I totally recommend these earphones!

Tacoma, WA


Sennheiser Earbuds In-Ear Headphones

4.5 2