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Spontaneity leads to a new adventure


Life is to short to sit around and wonder "what if". Everyday is a gift and it is meant to share with that someone that appreciates life too. With no expectations or demands. I believe in communication and laughter, it opens up a whole new light.

Craig, CO


Senior People Meet helped me get back out there!


I'm a 56 year old female who has been out of the dating scene for the last 15 years. I came across this site when I first saw their commercial. I joined this site was pleasantly surprised there was a site for me. As an older adult sites like eharmony and match didn't seem to fit for me. I love the fact that when I enter the site, everyone is over 50! I have already met a couple nice folks who have become my friends now. I recommend this site if you are an older single person looking to get back out there.

Alhambra, CA


Save your money, go somewhere else


They told me there was an ECHO message - someone I had contacted sent me a message.  I signed up in order to get the message and there WAS NO ECHO AT ALL.  They lied to me.  Then, whenever I did sign up for one month, they said I agreed to sign up for a second month at a lower cost!!  So they double charge and just give you a second month tacked on.   

Chesterfield, VA



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