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CV 2230
Sengoku KeroHeat Convection 23,000-BTU Portable Kerosene Heater CV2230


The Sengoku Kero Heat portable Convention kerosene heater is safe to use and economical to operate. No electricity needed;uses 1K clear kerosene to provideexcellent indoor heat source. Equipped with easy push button start and automatic safety shut off.

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Keeps things toasty warm.


This heater is used on a sailboat in NH during the winter months. The boat is a small space so the heater is a bit much as it keeps the interior temperature close to 90 degrees even when its -10 outside. The heater holds just about 1.5 gallons of clean burning kerosene. It uses around 5 gallons per 24 hour period. Its easy to refill with a siphon. The kerosene is clear, clean burning and odor free. The heater starts up with the press of a pedal and there is no odor. At shut down, another press of the pedal extinguishes the flame. There is a slight odor once you turn the heater off. However, it does not linger. We have left the heater on while sleeping, we do have a carbon dioxide detector and have never had any issues. Performance Starts right up, stays lit as long as there is fuel. Shut down is easy and it is relatively odor free. Ease of Use You have to raise the wick to ignite the flame. After a few weeks of continuous use, the integrated ignitor quit. Have to light with a lighter. otherwise, very easy to use. Durability The ignitor quit after a few weeks of use. No other issues. Design Its easy to move around with the carry handle. It is bit bulky for our use. Safety No problems with carbon monoxide. No danger of tipping over with the design.




Heater is safe and provides instant heat


This heater is really easy to light and instantly provides heat. We use it in our foyer to help force additional heat to our upstairs. My kids use it to get instant heat and love being able to warm up their hands after being outside in the cold. Performance The heater provides constant immediate heat that stays at a steady temperature. It's also easy to move around if necessary. Ease of Use The heater is easy to light, easy to move and easy to turn off. Design The heater is a little bulky but because it is a space heater - the size seems appropriate. The color we have is white which tends to get black marks on the top which are easy to wipe off but does make the heater look dirty Safety the heater has a metal cage that keeps little fingers from getting burned. With the cage you can't actually touch the heating element.


North Wales, PA


Sengoku KeroHeat Convection 23,000-BTU Portable Kerosene Heater CV2230

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