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I wouldnt spend my money on this.


Seriously, this wasn't even worth what i spent. It felt so watery when i put it on, well first let me say my face is really dry and it's not easy for me to pick a foundation because they usually don't work for me so maybe my results with this foundation aren't the same as others so maybe it will work for other people with different skin maybe i don't know. Well i bought this because i heard it was really good for dry skin and all that. So yeah, well what i didn't like was that it wasn't full coverage, it didn't keep my face moisturized like i wanted, and it felt very watery like a pharmacy foundation, i mean i guess it was good overall i mean  whatever its make up its just not what i expected especially from mac because i've used a lot of their products and so far i was satisfied. I will definitely not be spending anymore money on that, maybe ill try sephora next time. And by the way people with  very dry skin should definitely not wear this it wont work at all.

El Monte, CA


Name brand price, unsure of quality


I was gifted this MAC coverage, my friend had no use for it and told me I could have it. Having not bought it, it's probably clear what kind of shopper I am. I do spend for quality but after using MAC for free I would never choose to buy it on my own. I feel like it's too thick when I put it on, I want to feel like my natural beauty is coming through and I feel as if I'm just a canvas for the star - the make up. I want to be the star and MAC is a sub-par helper. Most people rave about it, but using it in comparison to my other brands I would use covergirl or mabelline any day. The company hardly offers deals or gives free samples and many o their competitors do. With so many brands out there vying for our attention why would I throw my money away on something because it has "MAC" stamped on it? I want to feel pretty and MAC doesn't do it. I would not recommend MAC to my friends, and my roommate and I have started to boycott it.

Baltimore, MD


Select SPF 15 Foundation

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