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Select Comfort
Select Comfort In Balance Mattress Pad

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For those who overheat, get this mattress pad!


I have a Select Comfort bed but my biggest problem was never being able to find sheets or a mattress pad that would fit this bed.  Ever since I bought the In Balance mattress pad, I have not had any issues with the pad staying on the bed - even when the adjustable foundation is up!  The main thing about this mattress pad is there is what looks like a mesh lacing inside the pad that is to keep the temperature "In Balance."  If you are too hot, the mattress pad adjusts and cools you down, and if you're too cold, the pad will recognize that and warm you up. I am always too hot and the bed sheets and mattress pad feel so cool on my skin as I lay down at night and helps me go to bed because I am so comfortable.  If there is any downside to it, it is that it is not water or stain proof - so pet owners beware.  One last nice thing about the bedding accessories for Select Comfort is each sheet or mattress pad has a little blue arrow on one corner - and if you line up all of your accessories with the blue arrow, you know you have made the bed the right way and each piece will fit correctly. 


Northbrook, IL


Select Comfort In Balance Mattress Pad

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