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Sega - Console

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The Best Gaming System Ever Made


The Sega Dreamcast has had my heart since it got it for Christmas over ten years ago. No other system can ever compare in my eyes. This was when Sega was at its best. They put so much creativity and innovation into this system. Unfortunately they timed its release poorly. I spent so many hours of my life on the Dreamcast. If you are interested you can probably find a great deal for it on eBay. Some games I would recommend would be Sonic Adventures 1 and 2, Power Stone, Soul Calibur, Grandia 2, Skies of Arcadia, Phantasy Star Online, Shenmue, and the Crazy Taxis. You won't be disappointed I promise. I still play these games all of the time, the console has aged considerably well. This was the end of the good times before Sega went into the dark ages. Help bring back the positive memories! Graphics Quality All of the games on this console look great, and have aged considerably well when you think about how much time has passed since the Dreamcast came out.




Sega Dreamcast is one system I wish they would bring back


I have had a sega dreamcast since they first came out. I have to say I was sad when they killed it and stopped making games for it. I have a lot of games for my dreamcast and I still play them today. The dreamcast was one of the best sega game system that uses cd for there games. The vmu (memory car) is very cool it not only stores your games for you but you can play little games on it too. My vmu is old and will not work with out being in thecontroller even with new batteries but it still keeps all my saved games on them. If this system were to come back from the dead I bet a lot of people would be buying the games all over again. The controller's are a little big but once you get used to them then you will have a lot of fun playing the games on it. If you happen to have a action replay for the system then you can also play the Japaneses game on the U.S. version system but the games will still be in Japaneses language. It is not hard to figure out the games and all the games are so much fun. There is also a game called typing of the dead and you have to have the keyboard to play this game but it will teach people how to type better and faster since you have to type out words to kill the zombies.


Humble, TX




This was such agreat game I miss and wish it cam back. I have not played a lot of video games lately, but when all the energy surrounding PS2 and xbox started, it got my video game juices raging again. I was thinking I would get my hands on a PS two, but I didn't. Then I began to look at reviews online about this console.Everyone said that it's better than the Pstwo and the graphics for the system are amazing. I then was reading the review of video games and most of it was extremely positive.In the end the price of the dreamcast was a no brainer. For a fraction of the cost of getting a PS2 (mainly through auction sites), I could get a Dreamcast console, and games After i bought it i found myself playing all the time and finding new ways to get games through different online sites. Its a shame the box got discontinued but On the overall Sega should make another game more modern ofcoarse and il buy it. The ps3 and xbox 360 are fine but if your into classic games then dreamcast is the master of these types of games. You gotta remeber games like shaddow man and sonic adventure those games were awesome and no games have replacedment to date. The games are cheap and relliable.


Phoenix, AZ


A Great Gaming Console That A Lot Of People Missed


This system was a great system for the time. Unforutantely there were certain factors that made this system not do very well commercially. One of the main reasons why this system had a very short 2 year life span was because of Sony's Playstation 2 coming out very soon. Because of this a lot of gamers were not wanting to get this game system because they knew something better was on the way. However I think that it is time that people start to look for these systems on eBay because you are able to find them fairly cheap and the Dreamcast was host to a ton of different great games on it. The system had the Sonic Adventure series, Soul Calibur, Crazy Taxi, Shenmue, Marvel Vs Capcom, Phantasy Star, and a ton of other great games as well. This game system was a great because it had a lot of fun games and it was a very innovative system as well because it was the first system to fully use online play. The only major downside to the system is that because of the short life of the system there were not a ton of games produced for the system.


Dallas, TX


9.9.99, a date to remember.


It was September 9th, 1999, a date Sega used as a corner stone in its advertisment to promote its upcoming console, the long awaited Dreamcast. It boasted the best launch line-up of any video game console in history and out to make a name for itself as the best console ever released, and thats just what it did. Unfortunatly, the world was not ready the Dreamcast and it was dead with-in two years. In those two years, it gave us some of the best games available before and since. Games like Sonic Adventure featured blazing fast gameplay with stunning (for its time) 3-D graphics. Other games like Soul Calibure became some of the best game ever seen while others such as Toy Commander gave us a completely new experience. In the years the Dreamcast was around, Sonic Team was putting out an increadible amount of amazing games. Chu-Chu Rocket was simple yet addicitve, Space Channel 5 brought something new to the table, and Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 were Soincs best 3-D outings. Other games like Skies of Arcadia, Toy Commander, Shenmue, Blue Stinger, Power Stone 1 and 2, Zombies Revenge, and Armada were some of the generations best games and are still only available for the Dreamcast with the exception of Skies or Arcadia (Gamecube).


Federal Way, WA


Dreamcast is a great system


If you're looking for a system that has some great games, this is one of the ones to get.  When it came out in 1999, it really showed off what would be done with gaming.  Online gaming, memory cards with visual screen, controllers with trigger buttons.  The Dreamcast originated all those ideas.  The games are somewhat diverse and really showed what a PC-style console could.  There are so many great games on the system that anyone could enjoy.  Games like Sonic Adventure, Jet Grind Radio, Crazy Taxi and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 could keep anyone entertained.  Most of the games either had online gameplay or featured bonus items that could be downloaded.  Sega also made some great sports games to go with the system, as many still enjoy Sega's version of NBA 2K and NFL 2K over EA Sports' versions.  There are a couple problems with the system.  One is that many will have problems with the trigger buttons.  As it can hurt hands after a half-hour of gameplay.  Another is with the system's unique GD-Rom drive.  Due to the discs not being a reliable as DVD-roms, they can be scratched easily.  Which the GD-Rom drive itself will have trouble reading the games.  I, myself, have had to throw away games, due to those scratches.  It's also hard to find many games now, due most having low print runs.  In short, if you want a system with simply great games that can be played anytime, the Dreamcast is one to consider.


Dayton, OH


Maybe the most underrated console ever


Sega Dreamcast has now cult status among hardcore gamers. Originally released in 1998, it wasn't that big hit by reason of small marketing by Sega. The console is very well designed: a bit futuristic look, simple and quite small. Although the controller looks awkward at first, it fits really well to your hands. And memory cards are placed inside your controller, how cool is that! Dreamcast has also built-in modem, but it's pretty useless today. The graphics are easily equal to PS2, even though PS2 was released two years later. Dreamcast has still a big underground fanbase and small indie publishers are releasing games (usually shooter & puzzle games) from time to time. These games can be easily imported and they are nine times out of ten region free. Dreamcast had a short lifetime, but Sega and other publishers created wonderful games to it. Shenmue, Soul Calibur, Jet Grind Radio and many other games are respected among gamers. And Virtua Tennis is pretty much the best multiplayer game ever, if you have many controllers and friends hanging around. It doesn't matter that you are in the rear; Dreamcast is a console still worth buying if you can find it. This console was Sega's swan song and it's a real shame. Everyone was fuzzing about PS2 near to millenium and Dreamcast was forgotten. In spite of that the console still goes on thanks to fans.


Atlanta, GA


Dreamcast was ahead of its time


The sega dreamcast release on 9-9-99 was a console i owned the second i came out. As a gamer i came into the gaming game late. most had already been gaming since the super nintendo, but this was my second console. the game featured interesting games despite the lack of third party support or in other words games from ea sports and other companies. that meant no madden. but that wasnt a bad thing the dreamcast came up with their own sports games and they were incredible in fact even better. the dreamcast did the most basic console things. it played good graphic 3d games with creative titles, notable franchises like the Sonic franchise and offered some innovations. Some games could be played online. In todays world online gaming is about as common as water, but during those days not only was online play rare it was also hit and miss. the dreamcast had it and it did it very well with phantasy star online and it was addciting. the dreamcast was a good device but lacked the ability to defeat the dvd ready ps2.


Los Angeles, CA




Probably one of the best gaming systems i've ever owned.  I spent countless hours playing Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (totally the definitive version of the game outside of the arcade.), Sonic, Shenmue, Crazy Taxi, etc.  I've spent many days with sore thumbs.  The dreamcast, even though no longer in production, is still a great investment for anyone who wants a memorable gaming experience.  It might not have the graphics of the ps3 or the 360 or the newest PCs, but the fun factor is there.  Great party games/ sports games/ multiplayer games/ rpgs/ platformers.  It has everything!  I totally believe that anyone who considers themselves a gamer to atleast get a taste of sega's last hurrah into the console market.  I don't particularly like the design for the controller, but everything else is near perfect.  I've dropped it numerous times and it never broke on me.  Very durable system.  For the time, it had revolutionary ideas.  Still easy enough to find despite no longer in production.  One of the best systems I have ever owned!


Alhambra, CA


I enjoyed it


This was the 1st system I had after the old school sega genesis.  When I 1st got it, I loved it due to all the fighting games and all the classic games it had for it such as marvel vs capcom, marvel vs capcom 2, capcom vs snk, street fighter alpha and so on.  The games had awsome graphics and great load times but the thing is since they stopped making the system when I got it so a lot of the great games I either had to find used for a good price or pay exorbitant prices for them like marvel vs capcom 2.  I think it compeated with the ps2 and if sega would have stuck by the system I think they could still be in the game today other then just making new video games with sonic in them.  I actually still have my sega dreamcast today and if i didn't have the other video game systems such as the wii or the xbox 360, I would definetly hook it back up again if I could find the games for it that I had.


San Diego, CA


Sega - Console

4.8 21