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Game Gear
Sega - Console

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It's a good Producer


It's a very good product



i love it its mazing


i will buy this product again and again its my dreams and thank you so much


oran algerai


A very bulky but creative system.


The Sega Game Gear was definitely ahead of its time as far as handheld systems went. It had full color to go along with it's graphics unlike the original GameBoy. The music wasn't the best, and the system was very large. It is also requires alot of batteries and the battery life isn't long. I would definitely recommend rechargeable batteries for this device or you will be spending alot of money just on that alone. It is a great way to enjoy the past though. Graphics Quality The 8-bit graphics aren't the best looking, but they are playable and serve the system well. Game Variety I mainly played only Sonic games on this system, but there are plenty of other game games to enjoy on it as well, Controller Comfort Although the system is very large and bulky, the controls are comfortable enough and easy to use. The design is very simple. Ease of Use The design is simple and easy and the games are always self-explanatory. Durability This system can definitely take a beating and still keep on going.




Wow, ahead of its time


This thing has a lot of titles, but is too big for it too be practical and is hard to see the screen, it also eats up batteries like crazy. But if you get past this its pretty slick. It also is pretty cheap. If you want a sega portable system the nomad is probably a better bet, although it is more expensive. Graphics Quality This looks good in the dark, but the screen wears over time, and the screen is hard to see sometimes. However just based off graphics it was ahead of its time. Game Variety Although it has a lot of really awesome games, you can get it on other consoles, so its really not impressive at all. Controller Comfort Depends if you have big hands, it feels nice for me and I like the button layout. Ease of Use This is fairly easy to use, not much to screw up on this. I really don't know how you could mess this up Durability This thing is old (it was released in 1990) and it is still pretty good, other then the screen wears over time, and its noticeable of the decrease in quality from new to used.




When you've got batteries to waste: Game gear


Back in the 90s when console giants Nintendo and Sega were competing for market supremacy, the handheld arms race was fierce.  The Gameboy was already spreading like wildfire when Sega threw the GameGear into the ring. The noticible improvement here was the addition of a full color screen that didn't need to be lit with external lamps.  Whereas its competitors ran into problems is you wanted to play in a dimly lit room or outside after sundown, the Game Gear could truly be played any time, anywhere. The controls were simple enough for any preschooler, consisting of a directional pad and three buttons (Counting the "Start" button that was typically used only for menus) along with an easy on/off switch and volume/brightness dials. Where the game gear fell flat was that it ate through batteries at an insane rate.  6 double A's might provide a half hour's gameplay if you were lucky.  Rechargable battery packs like those for the Gameboy would have been a godsend for those looking for a viable portable game system.      


Zephyrhills, FL


small for travel and in home gaming


I grew up on Nintendo games, but I was given the Sega Genesis game gear as a present. I love it as a classic game system. I still have it and it still works (batteries required). It's too bad Sega Genesis fell off the market curb, but at least I got some good games from them.


Sunnyvale, CA


The first console I ever had and I still play it 15 years later!


This video game console was one of the first handheld consoles ever made. It was made by Sega and like most other handheld consoles requires game cartridges in order to play. There were a lot of games that were made for the Sega Game Gear. Games have not been made for this console in a long time but you can still find many games and accessories online. One of the great things about this console is it has many accessories. There are several different types of power supplies; it uses 4 AA batteries but can also use rechargable battery packs. Another optional accesory for the Sega Game Gear is a TV Tuner. The TV Tuner was special cartridge that had a TV tuner and antenna attached so you could watch TV on your Game Gear. One of the things that I did not like about the Game Gear was it was hard to find new games for it after the first couple of years. These days new games are constantly coming out for multiple consoles.


Minneapolis, MN


A good fun handheld console.


sega game gear was a good handheld game console that was released in the early 1990's . One pro in my opinion is that is is in full color just like The Nintendo Game Boy Color would be. It has self lighting. A con that i do not like or care for is that it swallows batteries.  Still it is fun handheld that has games such as Mortal Kombat based on the first movie and it is a fun game. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 the second game in the populer sonic series. It is a very fun game to play it is sega's hit. This is alot of fun to play with. It has innovative peripherals eg a tv tuner. Which is cool. Unfortunatly it was more expensive than the originsl gameboy and ultimatly it hurt the sales of the Nintendo Game Gear. But i like that it is full color it is very dissapointing that there is no longer a sega game console around. Now it  is just three companies against each other Nintendo Playstation and Microsoft Xbox. I give this handheld 5 stars.


Capitola, CA


Sega - Console

4.4 8