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Secret Smooth Effects Conditioning Solid - All Scents

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Just okay


Secret Smooth Effects deodorant works just as well as other anti-perspirants/deodorants I've tried.  Maybe even better than some.  I used to really like the Secret Platinum soft solid, so when I saw that this deodorant had the same ingredients as the one I liked that had been discontinued, I was excited to try it.  However, for me, it works fairly well, but not really great.  The clicker that you turn in order to get the deodorant to come up is really hard to turn.  It gets greasy and I have to use a towel to really get a good grip to turn the clicker.  You also need to be careful not to get too much or it builds up and doesn't all get absorbed and leaves a white residue.  I also haven't found their claim that you don't need to shave as much to be true.  I still have to shave just as often as I ever did.  So I don't really hate this product, but I don't love it--and I have yet to find an anti-perspirant that I love that works really well.

Logan, UT


Love this product!


I love this deodorant.  I found it on sale and thought it would be horrible, but chanced it anyway.  Love it.  It keeps me dry and it smells so good.  Normally I hate roll up wet deodorants, but I'm so glad I tried it.  My armpits are moisturized and dry.

Athens, TN


So smooth, the tube is greasy!!


I wouldn't have even given it 1 star. If there was a negative star option, I would've chosen it. Being a "rookie" with womens deodorant, I figured I'd try it since it was on sale & I wanted to try smelling like a girl for my husband. For the past probably 15 years, I've just used mens deodorant, it smelled better back then & it worked so I never switched. Calling it a "Conditioning Solid" for one is quite misleading. I wouldn't call it solid at all since you have to rotate each time you apply. Second, the little "shave less often" logo is a bunch of bologna. I have tried my hardest to use it for almost a week now - I have shaved everyday.... not that I care, I've been doing it for long enough it just comes natural. Third, everytime I try to pick up the bottle, it slips out of my hand because it leaks oil or grease or something- I will say, it does smell kinda nice- but you can't rotate it because it's so greasy. I have been wrapping a towel around it & using the towel to twist it. Lastly, it *doesn't* last. If you even bother re-applying, you won't just need to do it once. Soooo not worth whatever I paid for it.   NOTE: as I was writing this I had the bottle sitting on my desk... Now I have a huge grease stain from it!

Cuyahoga Falls, OH


Silky botanical smooth effects conditioning solid deodorant


The secret smooth effects antiperspirant/deodorant is a name I can trust.  When I go to pick out a antiperspirant/deodorant at the store there are so many to choose from.  Sometimes it can be overwhellming just trying to decide on which one to pick.  Or if it will even work on my dry and sensitive skin.  I have found out the hard way, but I know the secret line will never fail me, and it will work for my sensitive skin.   I have a very dry, and sensitive skin especially under my arm.    I often break out, and certain products will make my skin itch.  The Secret brand always conditions my skin, and feels smooth and lightweight.  It will not irritate your skin, or feel harsh on your skin. It has a silky smooth feeling with a light botanical fresh smell. Not to heavy but very light.  It keeps you dry and smells lightweight and fresh.  If you have sensitive skin this is the product for you. You will be glad that you tried this new botanical conditiong solid.

League City, TX


Secret Smooth Effects Conditioning Solid - All Scents

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