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Secret Platinum Protection Invisible Gel Stick - Mystic Rain

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My Favorite


I have always loved Secret when it comes to buying deodorant. I purchased the Secret Platinum Protection Invisible Gel Stick - Mystic Rain and I absolutely love it. The scent smells amazing. I have actually had people compliment me on my perfume and I wasn't wearing any. It was this deodorant. The gel glides on smoothly and I do not have to worry about it showing on my clothes. I can feel confident while wearing this and working out knowing I will not have any underarm order.

Indianapolis, IN


I am so upset that this was discontinued.


I am so upset that this is no longer available. No other scent is nearly as nice. If this is available anywhere I would appreciate knowing about it

Dallas, Pennsylvania



Before I begin I need to say that I was able to try a free sample of this product. I think this is definitely a must have item for the summer season. It does a great job at keeping me dry and confident during my long days at school and when I'm up all night running around at work. I've also used this before heading into the gym, and I can say that Secret has given me the best odor and wetness protection of all the brands I have tried before. It also does not leave those pesky white marks. The only thing that I must say that is potentially negative is scrubbing it off in the shower, as it does leave a film, but other than that, it does exactly what it promises!

reading pa


Secret Invisible Gel Sticks are O.K.


First and foremost, I am a big fan of Secret. The first time I purchased a Secret Platinum Protection Invisible Gel Stick, I was taking a trip and realized I had forgotten my deoderant. I knew I would be going out, so I thought this would be a great product to have with me. Overall, I like the Platinum Protection Gel Stick. The Mystic Rain has a nice scent. It's easy to use. As long as you don't twist the bottom too much, you're good to go! If you do accidently give the bottom an extra twist, you end up with a mess on your hands. The gel, obviously, is much more liquidy and gooey than a normal deoderant stick. It can also get messy if you apply it before you put on your shirt and don't give enough dry time. Too much leaves white residue on your clothes, which is very gross. Keep in mind, this was the first time I'd used a gel, so I really wasn't sure how much was the right amount. Once you get it down, it's not a problem. I still prefer the original sticks, but a gel stick will do in a pinch.

Snow Hill, MD


Don't waste your money, your time, or the effort.


I really hate this deoderent.  The gel is seemingly a good idea, However, if it gets knocked around it all falls into the cap and becomes a goopy useless mess. I don't think it smells that great. The gel is clear, no matter what though.  I don't think it works very well by a way of what its supposed to do either. Two hours after application you have to reapply or smell not so nicely.  With the having to twist it everytime you use, I don't think its very cost effective either.

Monrovia, IN


Its perfect!


Secret Platinum is a great product that delivers everything it promises. I have been using it for 2 years now. I won't buy anything else! It never gets clumpy or sticky after you've had it on all day or night. It has a subtle yet long lasting scent, and lots of fragrances to choose from. It doesn't cost as much as those nasty prescription deodorants, and it does the job just as well.  The price is great too. It doesn't keep your pocket book dry... just you!  I have problems with irritated skin, so I am very picky, and this product really delivered for me. I would recommend it to everyone.

Appleton, WI


"My favorite deodorant/antiperspirent, hands down."


I love the way this stuff smells, more than anything else.  It leaves a really light, herbally scent on clothes that's very pleasant and comforting.  I hate most deodorants for women simply because they always smell like rose, baby powder, fake tropical flowers or some kind of synthetic fruit.  This stuff is nice because it smells a bit more "real" - but it's only really noticeable once it is on your skin.  When you smell it in it's container, it's not impressive - but as your body warms up throughout the day it sort of "transforms." Oh, and it stops me from being totally stinky and sweaty.

Mankato, MN


Secret Platinum Protection Invisible Gel Stick - Mystic Rain

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