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Secret Platinum Antiperspirant Deodorant Invisible Solid Spanish Rose 75 ml

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The Secret Platinum deodorant is not invisible


I have yet to find a deodarant the is actually invisible when it claims to be an "invisible solid".  The Secret Platinum deodorant works well to prevent you from having any body odor when you sweat and it keeps you from sweating as much as possible.  However, when you put on this deodorant, it is not completely invisible.  If you dab on a little bit at a time, then it works a little better, but if you actually roll the deodorant back and forth underneath your armpit, then it will leave white residue.  It's not streaky white residue, but it is more of a flakey white residue and if you try to wipe it off, it gets even more flakey and powdery.  Overall, the spanish rose scent is nice and it keeps you from sweating a lot, but if you're going to wear a sleeveless top or dress, you wouldn't want to use this deodorant.  I will only use it when I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt or sweater so that nobody could see the white residue.


Chino, CA


secret smells as bad as it works


i love secret because it is cheap and works great as far as commercial antiperspirants go.. i would personally rather use antiperspirants and deodorants that have no chemicals, as they are not needed and are used most of the time because of greed.  Most everything that we buy has chemicals in it that make us sick and give us health issues in the long run, and i dont understand why our country allows this.. most of the products that we make are far from natural, even if it says natural or organic. Why are we poisioning ourselves and most of all, our beautiful children??  Why dont people care about this?  Do you ever even read the bottles that you buy? Can you even pronounce half of the things that your putting on your body, on your child, just to be "clean" or to smell good?? Water itself, actually cleans-  i just think that it is really horrible that people allow themselves and encourage others to use things that they really dont even know what its made from, what it does to your skin, your brain, etc.. There are so many immoral issues here.. What side is the government and YOUR world really on??  Why dont we stop this?


Troy, NY


Secret Platinum Deodorant helps me feel confident


I have been using Secret Platinum Deodorant for several years, and am very pleased overall. I have tried other deodorants, and none of them work for me the way that Secret does. The others wear off or just aren't as effective. I don't feel confident when I wear the others, but with Secret, I do. I like this particular type, the Invisible Solid, because it goes on dry and does not get on my clothes. I don't really like the gel deodorants, because they are messier and don't dry quick enough for me. Also, Secret deodorant lasts all day, which is great and exactly what I need. I don't have the time to reapply, so that is a must in my book. Also, I love this scent. Spanish Rose sounds a little cheesy, but it is good smelling, and not too strong of a scent. I can wear perfume and it won't be a conflicting scent. It is fresh-smelling, and my husband loves it :-). Overall, I am very pleased with this product! I will continue to use it!!!  


Newport News, VA


Smells great


This really smells great, its has a fresh clean smell, It goes on clean, and stays off my clothes which is great! It also lasts a really long time, my days are long and its right there with me the whole time. The product it self last for a long time, i only need to buy it a few times a year, which is great. Ive had other secret products which i also liked, but this scent if my favorit of them all


West Islip, NY


Secret Platinum Antiperspirant Deodorant Invisible Solid Spanish Rose 75 ml

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