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Secret Flawless Crystal Clear Gel - Clearly Tropical

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Good stuff!


I have been using Secret Clear Gel deodorant for several years now.  For some reason, it is the only deodorant that seems to work for me.  I have tried switching, but my underarms get irritated and I notice more sweat when i do not use this particular deodorant.   I really enjoy this deodorant because it does not leave white marks on any of my clothing.  After I apply it to my underarms, it does take a few seconds for it to dry which is not a problem for me.  Then I put on my shirt and can forget about it for the rest of the day.  It is very moisture-resistant, so much so that if I shower a few hours after I put it on it is hard to wash off!  It washes off easily after a day of wear though.  The scents available are just lovely- not too strong (I don't want to smell like a deodorant) but just enough to have a pleasant hint of smell if someone gets close.  Thank you, Secret for this deodorant which has served me well over the years!

Baton Rouge, LA


Secret Flawless Crystal Clear Gel-Clearly Tropical is the very b


I love this deoderant! This is a deoderant that works and is worth every penny! I am 52 years young and  My grandma used to use the Secret  deoderant although not the clear gel stuff back then. So, I started using this brand and have stuck with it all these years right up today. I love the flawless crystal gel the best because it works period! I confess I have tried other brands and for me and I feel they  are a waste of money. Secret flawless clear gel lasts all day, You never have to worry about smelling stinky after a few hours. It is never irrating to my skin, unlike other deoderants even after shaving. No other deoderant does this! I like it because there is no worry of white marks on my clothes. smells clean and I really feel refreshed after using this. I will not buy any other deoderant period! It may be slightly more expensive than other deoderants, but it still doesn't change my opinion of this deoderant. My grandma knew what was the best!

Pleasant Lake, IN


Secret Flawless Gel Deodorant is the best!


I have tried many different deodorants/anti-perspirants in my day. I am always looking for one that won't irritate my slightly sensitive skin, won't make white marks on clothes, and most of all...really works! I have tried various solids, gels, etc. and have come to the conclusion that Secret Flawless Crystal Clear gel is the best product for me! I have been surprised at how well it really does work at keeping the white marks off my clothes! I was skeptical when I first tried it since most gel deodorants leave their telltale signs behind when getting dressed. But I was definitely impressed with this Secret flawless gel. I never see white marks, even when I wear dark colored clothing! It also dries on my skin fairly quickly and does not irritate my skin. No matter which scent I get, it is always a clean, pleasant smell. It works like it says it will. I never have problems with odors, even after wearing it all day. So I am very happy with this deodorant and will continue to buy it. It is a bit more pricey than others I have tried, but I think it is worth every penny because of how well it works and because it does not leave white marks on clothes!

Springfield, MO


Love everything about this product!!!..


I have always wondered over the years with all the science and technology that we have and what we're able to do and make, if they could ever come up with a deodorant that would not just mask odor and sweat, but actually prevent it from happening or get rid of the problems instead of masking them. Also over the years most deodorants left white spots on your clothes especially around the under arm area. I have been using this line of secret for over four years now and to me it's the best out there for overallsolutions to under arm problems. I am a heavy sweater, but hardly ever have body odor, so the body odor problem wasn't a problem with me. But this deodorant definitely keeps my underarm area very dry and it also being a clear gel nevers gives me a chalky line through my clothes where my underarms are. It also comes in many great scents and it doesn't irritate the skin either. This is definitely a high quality product that works. I hope they never stop making this line and i would highly reccomend this to all women out there, regardless of age.

Bakersfield, CA


Secret Crystal Clear Gel keeps the stink away


I have used Secret for many many years. I have seen it go thru all it's marketing changes and different fomulas and I remain a loyal costumer. Personally, I like the Clean Powder scent best because I don't like my armpits smelling like flowers or food - but the protection is the same for all of them. I like the clear gel because it goes on much better, in my opinion, compared to an 'invisible solid'. I have always used gels and probably prefer them because of that. This gel dries relatively fast - but if you put it on after you put clothes on, it seems to take longer - or maybe I just notice it more because I'm being careful not to get it on my clothes. I don't sweat a ton - but I do exercise and I've never been stinky afterward. It lasts the whole day for me without any problems. I rarely find a white patch on my clothing - only when I put on a tighter shirt do I sometimes get a little white - but you can just rub the material together and it's gone.

Chicago, IL


Doesn't 'Feel Dry in Seconds' as advertised


      The Flawless Clear line from Secret is a collection of Crystal Clear Gel Antiperspirants in various scents. I picked one up in the "Clearly Tropical" scent. What comes to my mind when I think of a tropical scent is coconut, pineapple and exotic fruits, but this just smells very sweet and peachy, not a very good attempt at tropical if you ask me! The TV and magazine ads for this product claim it "Feels Dry in Seconds!" but after application I find myself walking around for a good 5+ minutes alternating between blowing on my under arms and holding my arms straight out/flapping them like a bird before I can finish dressing. I have even resorted to using my hairdryer a couple times when I was in a rush. The packaging does not say how long this formula is supposed to last but I usually have to reapply it at least a few times throughout the day. This product is such a pain I only use it on days I'm wearing black, its just too much of a hassle to use all the time.

Boise, ID


Secret Flawless Crystal Clear Gel - Clearly Tropical

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