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Second Nature
Second Nature Feeding System Baby Bottle

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Not what I was hoping.


I am big on breastfeeding as much as possible, but I wanted the option of bottle feeding stored breastmilk too.  So when I was expecting my first, I was really interested to try this bottle since it is supposed to be similar to breastfeeding.  I wanted to pump and store milk so I would have the freedom to get up and go without having to interrupt things to nurse every hour or two.  Unfortunately for my son, this bottle wasn't like his mama at all.  He did take the bottle pretty well with the first nipple, but he had lots of trouble bringing any milk out of it.  He would "nurse" on the bottle forever.  When the first nipple wore out and I switched to a new nipple, the problem got even worse.  I thought maybe the nipple wasn't a fast enough flow, but then my husband and I tried it.  We couldn't get anything out of it either.  The holes in the nipple mustn't have been cut all the way through.  Poor guy had been sucking furiously forever and getting nothing.  I finally left the restaurant we were in and nursed him in the car.  This whole system is kind of a pain.  The shape of the nipple isn't amazingly like mama's breast at all.  And if one of the holes wears through so the baby can actually pull milk through, it becomes a choking hazard.  I didn't like having to check the nipple all the time for wear and tear.  It was not a "front of the cabinet" bottle choice.  I preferred Playtex bottles.


Egg Harbor City, NJ


These are great for an older baby.


Second Nature Feeding System is a geift set that includes three 4oz and two 9 oz bottles, the nipples are silicone and very soft. The top of the nipple has a "membrane" that has several small holes that only release the milk when the baby suckles. It is similar to the way that a mother's breast releases milk. When the baby sucks harder, the holes open larger, letting more liquid flow out. If the baby isn't sucking the holes are closed. My son will only take this kind and one other. The gift set comes with extra nipples and the lids that the nipples fit in fit all the bottle sizes. These bottles make it easier for baby to make the transition from breast to bottle and back again because of the flow control. They are dishwasher safe, which is nice. But the nipples can be difficult to clean out because of how small the space is. One of the 9oz bottles is a transition nurser, with handles and a nipple similar to a sippy cup. This is wonderful!


Kansas City, KS


Second Nature Feeding System Baby Bottle

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