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Sebo Specific
Sebo Specific Stop-Smart Concealer

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Stop-Smart Concealer, the one you want to have lunch with


Why is it that concealers always seem to stand up and yell "Hey look! Theres a pimple over here, comes look!!!" ? Maybe it's just my concealers that are always self-centered, histrionic attention hogs, maybe not. But there is one sweet nature loving hippie concealer whose modest,calming and eco-friendly demeaner has utterly won me over. I first noticed Sebo Specific's Stop-Smart concealer on a get 40% cash back from ebates trip to Yves Rocher. Ill admit shes skinner than me but I cant complain because she has to fit in my purse and I dont. In all seriousness the concealer covers up my pimples and drys them up significantly after one use. I guess her all natural ingredients are a little show-offy but her 'Botanical Flavonoids Complex' is better than the inferiority complex of most concealers. The only downside is that I have only discovered the one shade that Yves Rocher offered, I guess Im just lucky the shade was dangittoheckihaveahugeinterviewtomorrowandhaveapimplethesizoftexasonmyface!


Port Angeles, WA


Sebo Specific Stop-Smart Concealer

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