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Sebo Specific
Sebo Specific Mattifying Toner

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Sebo Specific Matiifying Toner feel like a jungle queen!


Dont you love how they airbrush model's faces? As though that was the one thing separating us from the ethereal beauties? "Go ahead" the ads say, "lose 150lbs, get a tan and plastic surgery and a personal trainer,makeup artist and stylist BUT you still wont have The Skin". My skin is far from perfect. It is blotchy and red and isnt it always the feature we wish to hide (mine being my nose) that insists on being bright red 99.9% of the day? Well the magazines say I need toner..toner will even out my skintone.*shakes her head* These skin angering alcohol based tyrants masquerading as modelskingiving magic do exactly that. They make my whole face red. So in all fairness, my skintone did match. Enough of that, Sebo's version keeps my face the color it was born to be and sometimes even gives my arch nemesis "Shiny Face" a good TK. Oh, and my favorite part is that is smells like an aloe vera plant giving birth in the middle of a jungle so close your eyes, hear the waterfall and try not to get eaten by any lions.

Port Angeles, WA


Sebo Specific Mattifying Toner

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