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Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus Hair Spray

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best hairspray I have ever used


I love the sebastian professional shaper plus hair spray. It works so good it doesn't give me flakes or make my hair feel hard. It gives me that flexible hold I want and it makes my hair stay the way I want it to stay. My hair never feels stiff it always feels like it has movement but still a lot of control over my hairstyles. I always use this hairspray especially when I go out in the night because I can always count on my hair looking great. It won't come ouf and it won't make your hair white after a long time. I really love when I want my big barrel curls to stay and it does with this hair spray it shaped and puts body in my hair. The hair spray doesn't smell like anything but it does a good job. Its great for coarse or fine hair. I would recommend this to anybody who wants flexible firm control with still a lot of movement in the hairstyles. A lot of the sebastian hair products are really well worth the money because its high quality.



Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray really delivers extra hold


Although my hair is very fine, I have a lot of it and it is very heavy.  It is also very straight.  When I take the time to set my hair in hot rollers or to use a curling iron, I want the style to stay in place. I also don't want my hair to feel stiff and yucky.  I suffered through many different hair spray bands before stumbling across this gem.  In my humble opinion, Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray is the best hairspray on the market.  It is worth every penny!  When I use this hairspray, I can be confident that my style will stay in place - even when it is very humid outside.  This hairspray does not make my hair stiff and I am able to comb right through it while it continues to hold my style.  In a word - Amazing!  I have not used another hairspray brand after discovering this.  The only downside is the smell.  I wish the smell weren't so strong.  I will say that after you have sprayed it, the smell goes away in a few minutes. 

Medford, NJ


cant live without Sebastian shaper Plus Hair spray.


My world would not be the same if I didn't have Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus Hair Spray. This is by far hands down the best hair spray I have ever used. I don't know how this hair spray does it but it holds the hair in place and leaves it touchable.I do some crazy styles on my hair and it's really important for me to have a hair spray that hold well. The problem with other hair spray's is in order to get a great hold you have to accept helmet head. Gone are the days of helmet head when using this hair spray. I used to have to use several product to get the effects I needed. I am rid of the gel and the wax. i know only need this hair spray. At first I thought  the price on this hair spray was kinda high but I found it is totally worth it. I would recommend this hair spray to anyone that wants a strong hold yet tochable hair. I have coarse hair and it works great for me. My daughter on the other hand has fine hair and it works well for her too.

Peebles, OH


Stands the test of time


Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus Hair Spray is something I have been using for a very long time.  Probably 15 years. Sounds crazy, and it is hard to believe that they still make a product after 15 years since it always seems like once I find something I like, they stop making it or change the formula.  Thank goodness that they did not change this or stop making it because I think it is a great product! It has a nice hold, but light weight and your hair is not all sticky and stiff.  I use it every day and do not get a build-up.  You don't need a lot of product, so it does seem to last a long time (and I have long hair!).  In general, I think this product is a bit pricey because you have to buy it at a salon or beauty supply place, but usually there are coupons or sales out there that make it a bit more affordable.  Sometimes Shaper even does a 30% more free in a bottle so if you can find that on sale, that is a great deal!

Pittsburgh, PA


worth the price!


I was introduced to this hair spary by my stylist, and was a bit skeptical that she was trying to sell me the product because of the salon endorsement and commission.  However, when she used it, I immediately appreciated the light, but pleasant scent, and was very impressed that my hair didn't have a stiff, sticky feel to it.  I also noticed that it is not heavy, and doesn't weigh down my style.  It is at least partially humidity resistant, although sweating a lot and high humidity do break it down.  I can spray my hair with it for a couple days in a row and not have to wash my hair.  The amount of hold is perfect.  I have tried many Aussie, John Frieda and Pantene sprays, and none compare to the Shaper Plus.  It is one of the beauty products that I am willing to pay more for because it is so superior to the cheap store brands.  I actually have my mom scout out sales and stock up for me so I can afford it!

Marysville, MI


Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus Hair Spray

5.0 5