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Seasnax - Seaweed chips

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Surprisingly delicious!! Seasnax is now a staple in my home.


This is the second review for those strange and unusual snack ideas. I took a trip to The Whole Foods store in Plano, Texas and walked out with some very interesting and tasty ideas for snacks and meals. I am sharing my finds with you. Seasnax is a company that prides itself on manufacturing products that are both healthy and wholesome while being environmentally responsible with their product and company. This particular product is EXTREMELY new to me and this was a FIRST when it comes to eating any form of Kelp. What I found was really tasty! The chips were lightly salted with a hint of tomato and basil to offset any "ocean" or "fishy" taste although the seaweed is grown in a controlled environment. I really love these! I found myself wanting to keep eating this low calorie, rich in nutrient snack and actually did so! I now have to make another trip to Whole Foods and this time I will stock up. They really aren't what you think when you think about seaweed...slimy, nasty plants but instead, a light and tasty dehydrated snack food that is a rival to any chips or crackers out there. Open your mind and your mouth to this wonderful taste experience. I did and I am glad. Sandy

Whitewright, TX


Seasnax - Seaweed chips

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