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Sears XC1000 Stationary Bike

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Great Bike for all types of weather, helped after having kids.


We purchased this bike after I had our son 27 years ago. To help me get back into shape. Has a tension nob to turn to make riding more difficult. The only thing I ended up not liking was the seat size, my butt would get sore. My nice hubby heard me complain about this and purchased a bigger more comfy seat. I still have the bike, although I do not ride it as much as I would like to. (Kind of afraid the dogs might stick their nose in the spokes). It's lasted a long time. I've been happy. And I did get my body back after each child :~). It's nice to have a bike for indoors, no matter what the weather, rain, snow your still able to get that workout in. One of these days I will upgrade, just as soon as I get my home in order. Then on to winning the lottery for a work out room.  Sorry all I had happy fingers. The bike is*** XC1000***. I don't see how I can change the About title. It's old, maybe I am also...lol.

Somewhere in Time, MI


Sears XC1000 Stationary Bike

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