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Sears Kenmore Elite #13863

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Very good purchase if you have a large sized family


It is a very good dish washer. It is very fast and can steam sanitize in certain modes. We upgraded to stainless and we are glad we did. The finish is easy to keep clean on the front of the unit. Noise Level It can get louder when it's emptying the water but that may just be our drainage. I'm not sure. When it is cleaning mode it is very quite (we have open concept house and can watch movies after dinner while it is running). Cleaning Time You can adjust cycle type for pots and pans to run longer or you can set it for a short wash and walk away for 45 min and it's done. The heavy cleaning time on the unit can take nearly two hours which makes me fee like it is less energy efficient that I think it should be but then again nearly every one of my dishes come out spotless. Loading Flexibility I love that you can adjust the top and bottom trays heights. Normally it's just the top that you can change. This feature makes it great for cleaning stock pots and such even if you don't feel like rinsing them if in the sink first. Performance My only problem has been the upper trays spinning blades have hung up a couple of times on sippy cup straws that fell out of the lids and cut the straws which then landed on the heating element. Lesson learned not to place anything that can fall through up there just incase. Design Again it is the bomb with stainless steel front design. Looks high end for a good price. Durability We have not had one single problem so far!!!!



Sears Kenmore Elite #13863

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