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Sears Coldspot Refrigerator

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I just can't live without my Sear's Coldspot Refrigerator!


Even though it is an antique now, the Sear's  Coldspot Refrigerator is the best long lasting machine, I have ever had. Most refrigerators last about 2 -3 years, but mine has lasted 20 years and its still going strong. It is great in cooling and freezing. It has manual controls inside the refrigerator  to adjust the coolness, has a big space for freezer items. It has plenty of space inside the refrigator, has 2 short shelves, 1 big shelf, a veggie crisper, a meat drawer, and a humididrawer compartment thats great for putting things like packaged meats. Over-all I have to say its #1! The story behind my refrigerator: It has been in my family for 39 years. My aunt (deceased) was the original owner,  she bought the refrigerator new in 1970. It was then passed down to my cousin, who only kept it for 2 years, then on to my sister, who kept it for a few days and went  and got herself a new one, and then I got the refrigerator and I've had it ever since, I just can't part with my refrigerator or  this part of history.    

Crossville, AL


Sears Coldspot Refrigerator

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