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Sealy Posturepedic Pillows

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Not a good value


I thought this felt amazing when I first bought it. That was a few months ago now, and boy is it flat. I'm someone that loves a more firm pillow so it doesn't do that but couldn't pass up a sale. It stays soft and comfortable for a little while but went flat so quickly, I won't be purchasing these again.



Sealy Posturepedic pillow isn't all that.


I guess I was expecting more from this since it was kind of costly compared to other pillows. I like that it is soft, but firm. I don't like that it has too much padding in it. It started to bother my neck. I sleep better with a thin pillow. It didn't look that thick when I bought it. It is hypoallergenic. I needed that. My allergies are so bad that I have to have something that is made of good quality and dosen't allow as much dust or dust mites. That can be a big problem for many. The size of the pillow is good. By that, I mean the length and width. It costs much more than the other pillows I could have chosen. I'm not so sure that this pillow helps with back and neck problems, but each person is different. I think it is comfortable. I would not recommend putting it in the washer. You're better off hand washing this. I did put mine in the washer once. It was all deformed. Well, the inside was not soft anymore. I think I'd prefer a different pillow, but this pillow may be perfect for others.

Four Oaks, NC


Sealy Posturepedic Pillows

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