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Sealy Waterproof Mattress Pad

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Sealy Has Your Back!


Sealy not only creates superb mattresses but they have the corner on waterproof mattress pads. We decided that it was worth investing a little more money into a pad that truly would safeguard our mattress so that it would last a long time. Sealy hugs your body so that you get a good night's rest. This magnificent mattress relieves pressure points for a more satisfied sleep. Made with cotton, foam and latex and a 201-500 thread count. I'm also proud to announce that this fine product is made in the United States. One feature that I am very glad that it has is extra long ribbed sides to ensure that the mattress pad stays in place and does not creep off of your bed. Care is relatively simple of this pad, just spot clean. This is an all star product and after reading other's review of the same, the majority of reviewers felt the same. Who better to know about mattress pads than someone who is well known for creating awesome mattresses. I am very pleased with this product.


Fort Gratiot, MI


This mattress pad would be great if you have small children.


I no longer have this on my bed.It was to hot.I have a really nice bed and I wanted to protect it.But it made me very uncomfortable.It is very well made and would be great if you had small children or suffer from incontinence. .


Miami, FL


sealy waterproof is waterproof


I bought this waterproof mattress pad when we purchased our new mattress.  Having a waterproof pad was required to maintain our warranty on the mattress.  The pad is waterproof.  It kept the mattress from staining when the pad became wet.  I felt that this pad made me get too hot while sleeping.  I wonder if it kept down the air movement between the bed and myself.  At first it had a crinkly sound when moving, but that has improved after a couple of washings.  The pad is large enough to fit well over the deep sided mattress.  There is no straining needed to get it to fit over the corners.  You know, when you have to stretch and pull or even lift the mattress to get a sheet or pad on the mattress.  The price was comparable to other waterproof pads.  We purchased it the same day we bought our new mattress.  The furniture store had them on hand and that was more convenient that driving around looking for one else where, when the price for the pad wouldn't vary that much.


Gettysburg, SD


Works well great item


My husband and i got this for my mother in law let me explain the situation she is older and has a hard time getting up through the night so we did not want to have to keep buying a new mattress all the time so we checked into this item and let me tell you it is great we put this on her bed and so far so good no leaking through to the mattress and it is comfy for her not bulky under the sheets there are a lot of this type products on the market but this one has been the best we have tried 2 others and they were not as quality made as this one is it is easy to put on the bed easy to cover and keep clean safe for my mother inlaw to have on her bed all the time does not bother her while she is sleeping or even just resting on her bed and the great thing is it is not that expensive it is much cheaper for us then buying a new mattress all the time i am so glad we tried this one it is really a good product and i do recommend this to all my friends and family this is a must have 


Beverly, NJ


What a great fit!


I purchased this sealy mattress cover for my new King size mattress.  I was really blown away with the quality for the price.  I was not expecting anything as well as made.  I fits perfectly and stays on unlike my old cover. I highly recommend this product.


Grand Prairie, TX


Sealy Waterproof Mattress Pad

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