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Sealy Posturepedic Optimum Collection Inspiration Mattress

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This mattress worked well for me and my husband for about 8 months then the bottom fell out (literally). We both started having severe back pain because the mattress started sagging. There is no support at all anymore. Comfort Felt great in the store but now I wake up every morning then go straight to my heating pad for relief. Support Mattress has no support at all. Durability We have had this mattress for 1 year. We started having problems with it after about 8 months.



New Mattress After Back Surgery!


My husband went through back surgery so we needed to get rid of our old mattress. I was awful how both our sides were sinking in and we hadn't had the mattress very long. We told our bedding guy we needed a mattress that would not do this! This is what he recommended and we went with extra firm. I was a little nervous but they gave the guarantee that if after 180 days we didn't like the mattress we could return it. Needless to say we are keeping it and loving it. It has a small layer of memory foam that softens the firmness but yet is ideal for someone that suffers back pain. I highly recommend this mattress! I also previously had trouble with putting sheets on my former mattress. This has a flat top which I love because my sheets finally fit correctly. We have a king size mattress and I can tuck my top sheets in where before they hung to the sides without enough extra material to tuck. Make sure you head to your nearest Sealy dealer and give this mattress a test drive! Comfort I was amazed how comfortable this bed is. The memory foam is a perfect amount of support and comfort. Support Loved the firm support, I was nervous about it, but it's perfect for both my husband and myself. Firmness Great firmness, I love feel like I'm taking care of my back with a strong support. Durability I'm thrilled, I can tell this is my mattress for a very long time!



Sealy Posturepedic Optimum Collection Inspiration Mattress

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