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Sealy  Backsaver Torchlight Firm Mattress

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Just sink right in!


We purchase a full size Sealy Backsaver mattress about 4 years ago when I was 7 months pregnant. Boy, did this mattress make a huge difference in my sleepat night compared to or old mattress. You just seem to sink and melt right in to this mattress. It is super comfortable and I have no more restless nights. It is a nice height, sheets fit well, and above all it is the most comfortable mattress ever! This has defintely been more than a back saver, more like a life saver. Babies don't allow for much slep at night, but at least I can be assured that I will fall asleep as quickly as possible, makin the most of the few hours at a time that I am given. My husband has enjoyed this mattress as well. He works nights so falling asleep and staying asleep is a huge issue. This mattress has been great!


Chesterfield, NJ


Sealy Back Saver Mattresses is out of this world.


Sealy Back Saver Mattresses is a brillant mattresses it is very soft a fluffy at the same time.The combination of both is wonderful.Also it is firm this is what i need very much so because i like to fill the firmnest when i sleep on my back.It is the most comfortable mattresses i have ever slept on.The price is right for such a marvelous mattresse.Iam surprise that it is so resonable priced.It is a excellent product. The wokmanship of this mattresse is number one compared to any other mattresse i have brought.I think you can not get a more well constructed mattresse than Sealy Back Saver Mattresse.This mattresse really does live up to it's name.Now i wake up in the morning without having back pain.It is so amazing with the other mattresses i have purchased in the past.I would wake up with a back pain that you would not believe .It is so very important to have a  excellent makes all the difference in the world to have a good mattresse and Sealy Back Saver is the one.


Mobile, AL


sealy backsaver mattresses saved me!


Sealy backsaver mattresses we just purchased about 4 months ago, and we are very please with it. I am a back sleeper my partner has back problems and was use to sleeping on a water filled bed with heat for his back.  It took us several months to pick out a mattress that we could both sleep on, and sealy backsaver saved me from getting another water bed. It  offered the most comfort and support for our backs and sleeping needs. I highly recommend this matteres.


North Wales, PA


Comfy Mattress!!!


I had a water bed for the longest time.. i'd say about 17 years. The last few years I had it, I started getting really uncomfortable sleeping on it, my back/neck were always bugging me, I couldnt sleep straight through the night and I wanted to get rid of it so bad; I highly dont recommend getting one either. I finally decided to start looking at getting an actual mattress. I ended up choosing a 10" Sealy BackSaver Queen Mattress, about 2 months ago, and I love it!! This Sealy Back Support mattress offers ultimate comfort, it helps eliminate pressure points and helps to properly align your spine for a therapeutic sleep experience. I have been sleeping so much better since I got this mattress, I sleep straight through the night, and my back and neck definitely feel much better!! This Sealy mattress came with a 5 year warranty, which is always nice too! I dont plan on getting rid of this one for a long time!!


Denver, CO


Should have bought a different kind.


I have many major back (lumbar) problems and this mattress (for what was promised and paid for it) just wasn't worth it to me.  I still wake up with every little movement and am still stiff as a board.  I would like to find that perfect matress (queen size) for me.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated because matresses are not cheap.  Will have to start saving again for a new one!


Cincinnati, OH


Sealy BackSaver Is What It Says It Is!


My husband and I bought a Queen Size Sealy BackSaver last year and we love it. It is very comfortable. It is firm, yet soft enough to enjoy a good nights sleep. It has a sturdy frame with wheels to support it. When my back gets to hurting really bad, I go lay on my Sealy Backsaver, flat on my back with a rolled towel under my neck, this way I am able to relax and get some relief for my backacke. My husband can sleep on another bed and complains with a backacke. He said he loves his Sealy Backsaver because he dont get up the next morning with a backacke. I like the fact that the frame has wheels because the bed is so much easier to move around when it is time to clean and vacuum under the bed. I can even rearrange my room alot easier now, with out having to push and tug and pull my back or neck out of place. I would definitly recommend this mattress to anyone that is wanting to by a new mattress.


Ava, IL


Very soft and comfortable. Like sleeping on a pile of pillows!


We purchased this mattress after our old one kept us waking with pain in our backs. After we firmed up the bed frame level, the mattress is soo soo comfortable! Its like sleeping on a big pillow. This would not be for someone who wants a firm mattress.


Mathiston, MS


Big Mistake!


We have owned the Sealy Torchlight Firm Backsaver for only 6 months and now when i wake up i get horrible back pain.  It is sooo bad that i wake up in the middle of the night and sleep on the floor and now i just want to dump this thing and never see it again!  It was nice at first, but hey, i thought a bed was supposed to last 8-10 years!  Don't waste your time with this.  I thought buying a bed that is a "Backsaver" would be good for your back, well, i was wrong!  I will never buy a Sealy after this horrible marttress.


Lake Villa, IL


Sealy Backsaver Torchlight Firm Mattress

3.9 8