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Sealy Baby
Sealy Baby Ortho Rest Crib & Toddler Bed Mattress

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This Sealy Crib Mattress is a great value!


My husband and I purchased this crib mattress for our first son, who is now two and a half.  It's a great mattress for a really great price.  It's firm, even today, two and a half years later.  I don't see any signs of wearing yet.  It's easy to clean too.  We all know babies and toddlers have messy accidents.  Some soap and water will do the trick.  It's waterproof, so there are no worries of ruining the mattress.  It fits both the crib (according to ASTM standards) and the toddler bed very well.  Ever since our son started sleeping in it, he has slept very well at night.  We now have it in his toddler bed and he still sleeps well on it, so I assume it's comfortable enough for both babies and toddlers.  He loves laying on his bed even when he's not napping or going to sleep.  We plan on purchasing another Sealy Baby Ortho Rest Mattress for our second son as well. This was a very good purchase on our part.  Great mattress!


Troy, MI


Sealy Ortho Rest Crib Mattress is not the best


I bout the Sealy Ortho crib mattress from Amazon. I got a great deal on it. I generally do a generous amount of research on big products before I purchase, especially my baby's stuff. This crib mattress got a good amount of excellent reviews, so I bought it. Although my little one barely sleeps in her crib, when she does, she doesn't sleep for long. I read that babies need somewhat of a firm surface to sleep on, so I was a bit surprised to find this crib mattress was much on the soft side. It's a little springy too. My baby plays in the crib no problem, but as far as sleeping goes, we're sticking to the playpen- she sleeps in there the longest. I hope when she gets a bit older (she's now 4 mons old) she'll sleep in the crib without fuss, but as of now, it's firmness is not to my liking, nor is it to my daughter's comfort. I'm not even sure if it's the softness that she doesn't like because she sleeps with my husband and I just fine in our bed, and ours is fairly soft as well. Might just be the springs. Didn't know there were springs in there but it's bounce, so I'm guess they're springs. I wouldn't recommend it- I will have to replace mine.


Mount Vernon, NY


Great buy


this was a great buy for my daughter new nursery is was sturdy and soft ready to be used great to clean if slit up on on any leaks.just wipe down coilor is good love the warrenty that came with mine.you do not have to buy the waterproof mattress pad for this mattress as is is already waterproof my daughgter sleeps well on it and you have to love the brand name sealy they are awesome.


North Las Vegas, NV


Sealy Baby Ortho rest mattress stands the test of time


My husband and I own two of the Sealy Baby ortho rest crib and toddler bed mattresses. The first we purchased new for our son nearly four years ago. The second was a hand me down from my brother's first child. I was making my Son's toddler bed the other day and realized how well this mattress has served us. We used it in his crib, and now in his toddler bed, and despite jumping and bouncing and fit throwing on it, it looks brand new. My daughter's hand me down mattress of the same brand, which has now been through two children, still seems in perfect condition in her crib. I am impressed at how comfortable these mattresses can be despite the thick plastic outer. Both of my children rest peacefully on them each night and at nap time. They are both still firm and safe. They have been fantastically waterproof through our potty training adventures and do not absorb any odors or smells. The plastic outer cover has sustained no damages, rips, or tears through all of the uses it has endured. Overall, a nice, safe, comfortable purchase for a baby, and fantastic value for the money.


Collegeville, PA


Sealy Baby Crib Mattress works for us


This crib mattress was a generous gift for our daughter's birth. I would definitely have preferred an organic/no fume mattress but I have an organic mattress topper that I hope will help with the off gasing issues. The fumes from a brand new mattress can be bad for little babies as they can't clear toxins from their bodies as well as big people can, so I hope for the future I will be able to buy an organic wool mattress. That issue aside I like this mattress okay, it is firm and not too heavy, so I can move it around when I need to change the sheets and clean it. My daughter's favorite thing to do lately is stand at the edge of her crib and bob up and down, the mattress has a good spring to it and is apparently very helpful for the bobbing. So it's baby approved :)  I haven't ever had an issue with leaks through to the mattress, but the cover is easy to clean with a damp cloth. The mattress takes standard crib sheets.


Seattle, WA


Excellent Mattress for Toddler and baby


 I bought this mattress for my son when he was just born and I thought it was okay but wasn't crazy about it, throughtout the first two years I just realized how perfect it was for him.  It wasn't too soft and t wasnt too firm, just right, when I had my second child, I did not buy anything else but this, there was no way I would use anything but this one.  Now my two boys sleep so well on their beds, I actually switched the baby's mattress to the toddler bed and used the new one I bought for the youngest. So it worked oiut just well,  I would definitely recommend it.  The only thing I did not like was that the shipper sent it to me in a box for the first one, but when we ordered the second one, they just sent it in its plastic and I actually leave the plastic on since I use a pad over it anyway.  This would be my only complain thayt they should ship it in a box rather than just the covering plastic. 


Bronx, NY


Quality and safety for your baby, #1 priority with this mattress


This mattress was oustanding quality and was just what my baby needed. I liked the fact that for the newborns they have a stiffer side then it can be flipped over for a more cushioned side as your child gets older. I felt like I got my money's worth out of this mattress as we used it for 2 children, and it still looked brand new when we gave it away to a friend! We have  a Sealy on our own bed and love it; so why not start the baby out right?


Hampton, VA


Sealy seems to be great for my babies!


We purchased two of these mattresses for our first two children and I haven't had one single problem with either of them. They are firm enough that I do not worry about the babies sinking down into them and being unable to reach up for breath when they were too small to roll over. I will say, however, when I press into the mattress, I immediately feel the springs. they were perfect size to fit into our standard size cribs and now they fit into toddler beds very well. They don't leave extra room in the sides like other mattresses did. They are also very easy to clean off when spills and/or accidents happen at night. I just washed them off with a soap and water solution and let them dry a little while before putting sheets back on. I would definitely recomment this mattress to anyone who cares a lot about the value and quality of the mattress that they put their babies on at night to sleep.


Lyman, SC


Love the Sealy Mattress


The Sealy Baby Ortho Rest Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress worked great for our baby. We only needed it for 4 years. When we stopped using it, looked in perfect condition like we never even used it. Was really firm so you did not have to worry about the baby having breathing difficulty due to mattress being too soft. We used it for the crib and used it also when we turned the crib into a day bed for a toddler. Worked great for the reasonable price that we paid for it. Was attractive looking also for a mattress. My son now has the Sealy pillow top twin mattress and loves that one also. Highly recommend any Sealy mattress as it performs really well for the money you pay. I believe it is time to get myself and my husband a new mattress after 15 years. Probably get another Sealy mattress for our full size bed. I know some other people who are pleased with their Sealy mattresses also. Highly recommend to anyone who wants a good nights sleep.


Jonestown, PA


Sealy Baby Ortho Rest Crib & Toddler Bed Mattress

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