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Seagate Momentus XT (ST95005620AS) 500 GB SATA II Hard Drive

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This Seagate Momentus XT (ST95005620AS) 500GB SATA HDD rocks!


I bought this drive to place in my new Sony PS3 Slim Move bundled system so we would have plenty of room for videos and I thought (at the time) a lot of space for games after seeing my stepson's Xbox 360 and thought I could store games on the drive like the Xbox. Oops, that backfired, because the PS3 doesn't allow for games to be stored on the drive but the speed in loading games and Netflix was greatly improved. I was also able to use the use the 320GB drive in our Patriot Box Office Media Player so that worked out as well since it didn't come with a drive in it. Because full SSDs are waaaaaay out there in price still, I decided to go with this hybrid to get some of the normal things like boot up to run faster as well. I've not had any troubles with this drive as previous people have had... at least so far. I love this drive because of its speed and easy installation as well as the price vs. the other SSD drives out there. This fit the bill and really does "rock"!

Muskegon, MI


Quick Drive, A little pricey for a comparable size drive.


I bought this drive to replace my aging 160GB in my Apple Macbook Pro. My laptop is a few years old. The hard drive speed was rated at 5400rpm. I state this so the reader can know where I was coming from and my perception of this new drive vs the old drive I was using. First, I had a hard time getting this drive. This new drive was released in May 2010. Everyone was out of stock. The back order on this drive was about 3-4 weeks. I was able to get one with an online e-tailer because they just received a shipment. Before this drive hit the market; I was already shopping for a new drive because my drive was maxed. I was leaning toward a 500GB model. While researching new drives, I came upon this new model. The size was right. However, the price was almost twice as much as a comparable 2.5 in internal drive. Until SSD drives (very expensive at the time) come down in price, this was a good compromise. After researching its capabilities, I realized that this was a hybrid drive which featured 4GB of flash drive and 500GB of storage. After reading the mixed review online about this drive, I decided to take a chance and pulled the trigger and ordered one. I received the drive in a retailer package( plastic blister pack). Install was pretty straight forward. I had to format the drive with Mac OS Snow Leopard. The install went through with out a hitch. The first time I booted my Macbook. I already noticed the speed.  My first impression was this hard drive was snappy. It may be because I was coming from a 5400rpm drive and going to a 7200rpm drive. However, the more I used certain programs, the flash remembers what was used. When I launch an application, the drive was quick. I am pleased about my purchase. I have read form previous reviews that people were having problems with noise and vibration. Knock on wood. I have not had any of those issues. I would highly recommend this drive to anyone needing to upgrade.       

Philadelphia, PA


Seagate Momentus XT (ST95005620AS) 500 GB SATA II Hard Drive

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