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Seagate Free Agent Pro 1 Tera Bite FireWire Desktop External Hard Drive

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Okay I guess


This was my first external hard drive and it was all right I guess.  It was fast to transfer files to and from and it has enough space I needed.  It lasted for a good half a year.  What I'm not happy about is that sometimes it would have random errors where the files would disappear for awhile and only after you restart the hard drive again by unplugging and replugging, then the files would reappear again.  It's a bit of a hassle and it can give a heart attack sometimes.  Another thing is that, as I mentioned above, this hard drive only lasted for half a year.  I have another external hard drive with the same space that have lasted for two years already and still working.  This one isn't so stable.  Basically I turned it on one day to find all files gone and no matter how much I plug and replug, the files didn't appear again.  Good thing I didn't really any important stuff on there, just some videos that's all.  So if you want something that lasts longer, go with western digital.

San Diego, CA


seagate free agent


I got this external hard drive about 2 years agoto store all of my pictures and videos on.  I wanted smething becaus my hard driv on my computer was really getting bogged down.  I found this on a good sale and bought it.I have been hppy ever since. It is so easy to plug in and out and is quick.  I like that it is light weight. I can travel with it and plug it into other computers to show off my pictures and videos to family.  I recommend it!

Springfield, MO


More Memory space than both of us can use


                                   Daniel and I have a lot of music and we linked our computers together this way if he needs to know something and is not home he calls me and I can tap into his computer and Email it to his shop where he works. Well so we dont use up all of the memory on here we decided to go get an external hard drive.            We looked at a few of them and found this was perfect.The Free Agent Pro is not your typical desktop hard drive. It is very sleek and stands on its side as to not take up space.I was impressedby the capabilities. It has several things that are special to it and this is a few:      Pre Installed Software onthe Drive      Backs up all Your Sortware      Encryption keeps Files and Folders Private      Safeguards all : Photos, music, videos, and documents      USB 2.0 cable interface makes for super fast Data Transfer            Right now we have over 22000 songs not counting videos, pictures, and our systems backups. We both have full access and we will never run out of space. When my PC shows I have got only so much memory I have it set to inform me and I just transfer some of my older files to free up more space on my PC. Wecould not have done better.

Zirconia, NC


Seagate Free Agent Pro 1 Tera Bite FireWire Desktop External Hard Drive

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