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Sea Best
Sea Best Frozen Frog Legs

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We were all hoppy with our fried frozen frog legs.


My youngest son saw Sea Best frog legs at Howard's Bait Shop while we were on vacation. When he found out that I know how to cook frog legs, he wanted to buy a box. I thought he was kidding around, but he mentioned those frog legs again before we headed home. I figured if the kid wanted to try something new, I'd spring for a box. Also, I really do love frog legs - but not the heavily breaded ones served at most restaurants. The frog legs were packed in a sturdy cardboard box, and each set of legs was wrapped in some type of non-stick plastic. So, the five pounds could be cooked in any amounts. I was quite impressed with the packing. I've only worked with fresh legs before, but the frozen ones looked great. Since I sprained my knee on the trip to the mountains, my mom offered to fry up the frog legs. I'm not supposed to be standing on the leg, so that worked out great. Also, mom is better at frying than I am. Frog legs are fried just like any other meat. At the most basic, they can be dredged in flour with salt and pepper and fried until brown. Any chicken batter dip works, so eggs, milk, crackers and so on can be used. Frog legs can also be sauteed in butter or olive oil with no breading too. The size on the Sea Best legs were about equal to the size of the meaty piece of a chicken wing but a bit longer. That's pretty good sized for frog legs. They were hooked together in sets, but I cut them into individual leg-ettes for easier and more even browning. As far as the taste, frog legs have a wonderful delicate flavor. The meat is like the white meat on chicken. The flavor is a little like chicken, but the boys thought it was closer to high end pork tenderloin. Frog legs really have their own flavor though, and it's hard to describe. I'd say it's one of the best meats on the market but hard to find. My Grandma used to make these with frogs from the creek, but she's gone now. I'm glad we found frozen frog legs and that the boys got to try them. They were a hit, and we'll buy more when we see them.


southern, NC


Sea Best Frozen Frog Legs

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