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Scunci No-Slip Grip Ponytail Holders

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Scunci No-Slip Grip Ponytail Holders: Pain Free Hair Styling


Having long hair allows you to create a lot of different hair styles but in the summer months it can be a pain to have to find hair ties and ponytail holders that don't rip your hair out or that stay in place when you are wearing them. The Scunci brand does cost a little more than others but the ponytail holders last longer, don't get stretched out and can be tossed in the washing machine if you put them in a laundry bag. These are fatter than normal ponytail holders but they are not hard to work your hair through; the benefit of using these over other ties and holders is that your hair doesn't get wrapped around the material. Depending on how I am pulling my hair back I might need to wrap the holders four or five times and that can mean painful removal at the end of the day. Not with these, I can pull it out without any hair getting ripped out of my scalp and the holders don't stretch out or lose their shape. I usually get these in black because I have dark hair but there are color assortments that can be purchased. I like that there are no metal crimper pieces used to connect the ends of the ponytail holders and that they last a long time. Eventually you are going to have to replace them but I can get about a years worth of wear from them before I need to buy more. Most of the time I end up losing them rather than having to throw them out.




they really don't slip!


I  wear my hair up when I work.   I am also in the process of growing it out so it's at the in between stage.  Plus because my hair is sooo thick I'll put it up just to get it off my neck when it's hot outside.  So before going to work I usually just put it in a pony tail because I'm in a hurry.  I used to wear the basic pony tail holders.  And my hair would get caught in the little metal thing that's on them where the ends connect.  I was always damaging my hair because of that.  I tried these no slip holders and there are by far the best ones I've ever used.  I put my hair up in the morning and go to work.  I don't have to readjust my hair once during the day. I used to adjust it constantly.   It really does stay put.  Plus I don't have the split ends like I used to.  And this is the only change I've made.  So I know it's because I don't use the holders with that little staple like thing.  I will never go back to my old pony tail holders again.  As a matter of fact I've thrown them all out!  And I plan to try their other No-slip products.  If they are even come close to holding my hair in place all day like these pony tail holders I'll be a happy girl! 


Joliet, IL


nice ponytail holders


the ponytail holders holds my hair in place for when i'm wearing my hair in a bun or an afro puff. i like that after using the ponytails holders over and over again they stretches out. they get tangled in my hair and pull some of my hair out which i don't really care for. over all i will continue to purchase them because i'm always wearing my hair up out of my face.


Riverside, CA


No Ripping your hair out!


These hair ties are nice because they stay in place, and they don't rip your hair out when you are taking them out.  I hated those old hair ties with that  metal thing on them. they rip your hair out, when you can get them out.  I have had to cut many hairties out of my hair. I have curly hair and don't like to wear it down.  With the No Slip ponytail holders I don't have to worry about them getting stuck in my hair. They stay in place and do what they are supposed to do. 


North Fort Myers, FL


Scunci No-Slip Grip Ponytail Holders

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