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Hair Claw
Scunci No Slip Grip Jaw Clip for Fine Hair

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not a bad clip


i personally am not a big hair clip fan because i feel as if hair ties fit much better in your hair and are more comfortable. i used to hate when i would wear a clip and be sitting on the couch and then my husband comes and just basically pushes me back on the couch... ouch! i don't know about you but i have extremely thin hair so that definately hurt. i would say though out of all the clips this one is probably one the better ones. i like the name brand and that is what i actually use for my hair ties, plus it does not pull your hair and it holds it well. i just don't really like to wear them because if your hair is thin it's not good to put it back too much because it will pull your hair more. so if you are going to be wearing this i think it's nice when you go out with a certain outfit or for those of you who have pleanty of hair  and are not sensitive than this is probably perfect for you.


Dallas, TX


loved it initially till it broke


i love butterflies and initially that was what attracted me to this clip. i had/wore my first one  for about 2 months before it got broke. i thought i'd just maybe been a little rough on that one and even bought a second one. well i hadn't even had it about 2 weeks before it broke and all i did was lean back against the head rest gently in the car and it broke. maybe i just had a case of bad luck with it but other than the fact both of mine broke easily i loved it.


Warner Robins, GA




This hair clip has been a miracle! I work in a nursing home and HAVE to wear my hair up. I only use clips because of how my hair lies....it looks terrible in a ponytail....Anyhow, up until today I have been using a super long huge clip to keep it up, and that doesn't even work!! I have to put it up again and again throughout my day. Well, my mother in law got this for me and I wore it today and... PERFECT!! My very fine mid-back length hair never slipped out, never got loose, and was extrememly comfortable in this clip!! I will never buy another brand.....AMAZING!


Central Lake, MI


Really holds my fine hair securely


I have shoulder length, fine, straight hair that I occasionally like to wear in an updo.I have problems though, with most jaw clips; they are too heavy in my hair and slide out too easily, and are uncomfortable to wear.I recently found a butterfly design jaw clip made my Scunci, called a No Slip Grip Fine Hair.It works great! It holds my hair gently but firmly, and doesn't feel like it's going to fall out. It was very comfortable to wear also; light weight, and I forgot I was wearing it most of the time.


Big Rapids, MI


Scunci No Slip Grip Jaw Clip for Fine Hair

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