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Scunci Handheld Steam Vacuum

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Scunci: Use it quickly before it breaks down


This is a good product. I'm not going to knock it. BUT, after using it only a few times, it ouldn't spray. I had to do a search on the internet to find out what was wrong with it. It turns out that minerals from hard water clog it up and the metal pin inside ceases. There are instructions to clean it out. Which I did but didn't make sure the metal pin inside could move. SO....I had to take it apart again, thankfully it's very easy. Unfortunately, I won't mention the really junky tools I was using and I stripped the black nozzle and broke it. But, if I hadn't...I would have probably gotten it back to work, as the other people who had the problem did. Just google it. In the future, I've made a mental note to keep a small amount of vinegar or CLR cleaner in it. You can fill the reservoirs up with it, turn it upside down and leave it overnight. That is the secret to cleaning it. I am getting myself another one but I will research other hand held ones to see if there is something better. I usually like to move on incase something is better. Stay tuned! Anyway, when I was able to use the steamer, it was a great product. I sprayed a wall in my basement and you could see dirty water. I just walked around with a towel and wiped it down. It didn't work too well on soap scum or grease, at least for me anyway. I had just seen a commercial where someone was using the steamer to clean windows and that was the whole reason I dug my steamer out. I'm not sure if they do make this product anymore although I did see one advertised on Amazon. Unfortunately, the company that owns it is hiding. If you do buy the Scunci Steamer, buy it at a local store and try to buy the warranty. You will like it, unfortunately, the calcium and mineral deposits do too.


Wilbraham, MA


A great gift for the germaphobic neat freak in your life!


I've always been a bit of a germaphobe, but it got worse when I became a mom.  I was so excited when I bought the Scunci Steamer! A quick, easy, and chemical-free way to sanitize just about everything! Doorknobs, handles, kids toys... you name it! But the great thing is, it is useful for sooo many more things!  I've used it to steam wrinkles out of clothes, clean my baseboards (just keep a rag with you to wipe up the dirt afterward), get the gunk out of my baby's highchair, sterilize stuffed animals... this thing really works wonders.  I also love that I can just use plain ol' tap water rather than having to buy distilled! The only thing I would change about this is I wish it had a charging station so I could wlak around the house with it rather than having to plug it in every time I switch rooms (the cord really isn't all that long either.) Also, remember to empty the canister each time you use it.  I am actually on my second Scunci now - my first one just one day stopped heating up and I think it's because I left water in it and it got ruined.  Now go get yourself one!!


Meridian, ID


Scunci is Wonderful Hightly recommend for little to big jobs


I have owned the scuncii steamer and floor attatchment for about 5 year I don't know how I survived without it! I use it for Everything such as cleaning tile, the oven, defrosting the freezer and getting up sticky anything from my kitchen floor! It is great for getting smells out of fabric and refreshing couches etc. I use the floor attatchment on all of my tile and linolium flooring. I also clean house and use this item on everthing.  It will clean the shelves in the fridge and take the grease right off the oven. After spraying just wipe with a p towel or cloth. it is light and easy to carry. It takes about 5 minutes to reheat for more usage. I have used this for several hours straight while cleaning homes.comes with a great carry strap that holds and a long hose on the floor attatchment. I paid 55.00 for it and would gladly purchase again and I recommend to everyone I know. I love that is uses no chemicals !! It works great for that area behind the sink faucets and behind toilet that is hard to reach. My only warnings are that the tip gets really hot. steam is hot. and that it does fade wood and potential can harm painted surface otherwise nothing is better! -Jen


Milford, ME


scuncci steamer


i saw the informercial and had to have one!  It does do a pretty good job of cleaning, especially in small areas.  not too heavy or bulky and easy to set up. however, the scuncci wasnt as great as i had hoped.  it takes awhile for it to heat up and you have to wait for it to cool before refilling it.  i also have a problem with it dripping, ill get steam and water spraying out at the same time. also thought the steam smelled kinda funky.


Green Bay, WI


Scunci Handheld Steam Vacuum

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