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Scunci Fabric Hairbands

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Scunci headbands are too tight-fitting.


I found the Scunci Fabric Hairbands to be too tight-fitting around my head. Maybe my head is larger than everybody else's, or maybe these were meant for young children. It is so tight it is uncomfortable, and if I want to wear it for any length of time, it pops off my head. Maybe I got a bad batch, this is just my experience and I normally like Sunci products.

Apollo Beach, FL


Keep hair out of your face w/out getting a splitting headache


**Scunci Fabric Hairbands **are an absolute staple in my beauty routine. I have long fine hair and it's not at all easy to keep it out of my face when I'm applying my makeup. I used to use regular headbands to pull back my hair so that I could apply my makeup without getting the makeup in my hair or my hair in my makeup. The only problem with that is that the plastic headbands would give me an awful headache. It would only take five minutes or so after I put a headband on my head before I would feel the headache coming on and before I was finished applying my makeup, my head felt like it was about to fall off of my head. That is no longer a problem for me since I bought Scunci Fabric Hairbands. These bands are very soft and come in a bunch of colors...both bright colors and neutral colors. I wear them when I'm going to a baseball game or to the beach, sometimes, because I have one to match almost every outfit I own. These cloth hairbands are not the stretchy, rubber band type of hairbands...unfortunately for me, those types of bands give me a headache, too. I just stick with these Scunci Fabric Headbands and all is well. Scunci gives them the following ***description***: *"Hold your hair back without a hassle - these wide, soft hairbands make it easy! Choose bright colors for a bold statement or neutrals to go incognito -- either way you'll be neat and chic."* The only reason I give these bands a 4 star rating instead of a 5 star rating is because my hair is so fine that sometimes they start sliding up, under the back of my hair at my hairline. That really doesn't bother me too much because the hairbands are easily pulled back down, or I can simply remove them and put them back in my hair without even needing a mirror. I use these hairbands often and I recommend them...especially if regular headbands give you a headache like they give me.

Tiny Town, GA


Scunci Fabric Hairbands

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