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Nature's Source
Scrubbing Bubbles Nature's Source Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Nature's Source works great and smells fresh and clean!


I was using [Sno Bowl Toilet Bowl Cleaner][1] and loved it, but I wanted to switch to something all natural, so I bought this Nature's Source product.  I'm so glad I bought it because I have now found an all natural toilet bowl cleaner that I love! **Nature's Source Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner** uses plant-based, biodegradable cleaners that do not include bleach, ammonia, phosphorus.  It is not tested on animals, and the packaging states that it's safe for plumbing and septic systems. **Nature's Source Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner** made cleaning my toilet fast, easy and pleasant, since it smelled so great.  Although it cleans wonderfully, I would like the formula to be a little thicker so it clings to the bowl better.  As is, it's a great product, made with excellent ingredients.  I'll definitely buy it again.   [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Sno-Bol-Toilet-Bowl-Cleaner-review-5f372 Performance Although the bottles describes the consistency as a "gel", I don't agree. It is thin and runny. As I squirted the product under the rim of the toilet, it immediately ran down the inside of the bowl. It didn't seem to cling or adhere to the bowl, like some do. I used my toilet brush and began scrubbing the toilet bowl. To my surprise, the water "ring" and other stains lifted off the toilet bowl immediately and effortlessly. I'm impressed! Scent As soon as I squirted the bright green liquid, I realized that I loved the scent. It's bright, fresh and clean. It smells kind of sweet, like fruity candy, but it's still fresh and clean smelling.

Camp Lejeune, NC


New natures source,a new toilet bowl cleaner


I have tried,all kinds of toilet bowl cleaners. Green,Blue,Purple in some colors. But, now days everyone wants clean and natural products,That don't have alot of harsh chemicals.he kind that doesn't require gloves,masks,etc. In other words fumes,that you can choke on,or to burn your eyes.When you start to use the cleaners.I have tried to be a helful housewife.I came across this new toilet bowl cleaner. Of course you have that little bubble on the front of the bottle.You only know it is Scrubbing Bubbles,from Johnson&Johnson.I like it as it is easy to open,press the sides and twist.Doesn't spill when you open it.All you do is squirt  it to your under the bowl side.You have that natural green in color.It makes it's own little bubbles as you clean away those little dirty rings.And it leaves your toilet smelling fresh and clean. Performance I love it,it does do a good job Scent not a harsh scent pleasent

Bakersfield, CA


Nature's Source Toilet Cleaner makes cleaning ALMOST enjoyable!


I have been using this product for a little while now, and I really like it.  Scrubbing Bubbles Nature's Source line was created to allow for more natural products that really work to clean your bathroom, and this one is very nice.  I was a little skeptical when I bought it originally because of a coupon because you always wonder how good natural cleaners are actually going to do their job, but this one exceeded my expectations.   ***Here's what I liked:*** - *Amazing smell*-- not like the normal toilet cleaner scents; very pleasant - *Color*-- a light green color - *Cleaning*- it does a pretty good job at cleaning the toilet, even in hard water situations like mine - *Price*- decently priced for a fancier natural cleaning product - *Consistency*- thick enough to cling to the sides, thin enough to be scrubbed off when you are ready ***Here's what I did not like:*** - *Results*- the results of a clean toilet were not long-lived due to our hard water compared to other similar products that I have used - *Size*- Bottle went relatively quickly All in all, this product made cleaning the bathroom-- always a dreaded task-- a little more pleasant, so I would definitely buy it again and recommend it to others.  As the bottle states, it does clean "powerfully, naturally, and with a fresh scent."

Darien, WI


Wanted to love this


I really really wanted to love this product. I have tried the other Nature's Source cleaning products and I think they are great. The toilet bowl cleaner however seems to be lacking in cleaning power. The gel is thick and does adhere well to the bowl. It smells great and I felt good that I wasn't releasing noxious fumes into my home. It washes away just fine. My problem is that it doesn't stay clean for very long. I feel like when I use this product I find that stains return to the toilet so much faster then with, say, regular Clorox. I find I have to clean more often with it. I love the idea behind this product line; all natural, biodegradable, plant based,  etc. but unfortunately I haven't seen great cleaning power with this particular product. I do not have that problem with the rest of the Nature's Source line. I find that the bathroom cleaner, window cleaner and all purpose cleaner work just as well as other products. They are very affordable as well and not as overpriced as similar :green" products. 

Gladstone, OR


Love that it's natural!


I had never used a Nature's Source product before I bought their Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Rubbing Bubbles. What initially drew me to try this product out was that it was a great price compared to other products but most importantly that it was natural and I wouldn't have to worry about putting harmful chemicals into my home, toilet bowl or earth! I've found most natural cleaners are signficantly more expensive than traditional ones, but the Nature's Source Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Rubbing Bubbles was very competitively priced! When I tried it on my toilet, it worked very well. It was a little tricky figuring out how to open the bottle so the liquid would squirt out, and some did drip out from the cap, but not very much before I figured out how to stop it. The smell was pleasant, but a little strong. (I prefer cleaning products without a scent and don't have a need for a "smell" to tell me something's clean!) It seems to have worked well and efficiently, so I'm pleased with it and will try it again in the future!

Atlanta, GA


Scrubbing Bubbles Nature's Source Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

3.6 5