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Scrubbing Bubbles
Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean

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Loved the Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean


I am not sure that this product is available to purchase anymore because I have not been able to find it. But I really did love it and was sad to see it off my store shelves. I will list the couple of downfalls with it first. The main drawback for me is that it runs on batteries. It doesn't seem to drain them too quickly or "eat" them so to say, but with as many toys around here that I have needing batteries the last thing I needed was a cleaning product that needed them, too. It is nice, though, that you could buy the whole system one time and then just buy the refills for it from then on out. It is very easy to use and change the refills as well. But the best thing is that it works so well! And it does really seem to keep the grime at bay longer than other products do. I used this in my bathroom sink and in the shower/bathtub, and I noticed it considerably cut down on how often I needed to clean. That of course is awesome and worth every penny of it. I just wish I could still find it.


Roanoke, VA


Scrubbing Bubbles is the Easy Way to Get Your Bathroom Clean!


I always use Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean to get my tub and showers clean. It will clean up anything that is building up in the bathtub. It cleans soap scum right up and I spray it on my shower door and tiles, spray it in the sink and let it sit for a few and then just wipe it off and it takes off all the build up. It makes cleaning my bathroom a cinch. It also makes the sink and shower faucets clean and they sparkle after I spray and wipe. It has a smell that isn't bad and doesn't smell like chemicals as some other cleaners do. I like the smell and I would say it's clean and refreshing scent. Does a great job. Performance It does a really great job cleaning up the bathroom. It eliminates grime and soap scum. If you have really bad build up you may have to use a couple of applications. Scent For a bathroom cleaner I think it smells pretty good. It's not an overbearing smell, but is refreshing and provides a clean scent in my bathroom.




loved, but can't find


i really, really loved the extend-a-clean with the automatic sprayer. one bottle usually lasted quite a while, and the bathtub typically stayed clean for over a week - cleaner than using the regular scrubbing bubbles foam. and, given that i have fingers that are somewhat mildly arthritic, the automatic pump thingie was great. however, i now have trouble to find the refills - they no longer stock them where i shop - i can only find a regular spray bottle, which cramps my hand and doesn't work as well around the bathtub. i went back to the regular scrubbing bubbles foam, but it doesn't seem to keep the tub as clean as the extend-a-clean does.


Pittsburgh, PA


Great product


I actually used Scrubbing bubble extend a clean today after not using it for a while. The bathroom that has lime scale problems is my husbands bathroom which I usually dont clean but decided to today just to play with the Scrubbing bubbles bottle. I say play with because it has a neat automated sprayer which is fun to use but does require batteries. I used up the last of the bottle spraying all over the shower door left the bubble and the lime scale dissapeared it worked better than I had remembered it working and it did not smell as harshly as I remembered. I would reccomened this for anyone who does not like scrubbing, it is so easy and fun to use you could probably talk a teenager into using the product to clean their shower. My only problem is it is a wee bit pricer than I would like but it really does a great job on tough lime scale and that coupled with the easy of use and novelty factor make it a buy.


Galveston, TX


Love, Love this product!


I have only used this a few times. But I absolutely love it! I wish it didn't cost so much, because it would be the only thing i would use for my shower if it was cheaper. The last time i tried to find it in the store, I could not, so maybe it isn't available anymore. I love the fact that all i had to do was spray and let it go. There was no scrubbing involved. I just had to rinse my shower w/ water afterwards! I am a mom, so anything quick and easy is always a plus for me!


Greenville, SC


Best of the shower cleaners I've tried.


I'm always willing to try a new product especially if it helps me do something I abhor as much as cleaning the shower and tub.  I tried the Scrubbing Bubbles Foam and it was ok, especially on the rubber mat, but I still had to scrub.  I had a coupon to try this product so of course I'm going to get it.  Glad I did.  I'm bad about cleaning the tub because I always take showers.  I discovered a thick layer of soap scum all around the edges.  I sprayed this product and waited just a couple of minutes.  I started to scrub it and realized that I didn't really need to do much.  My shower hasn't been this clean in a long time.  Even the gunk under the shampoo bottles came off with hardly any fuss.  The only thing is that it has a very strong smell while you're spraying it but nothing when you're wiping it down.  I actually used the hand held shower head to clean the walls.  I do have a fiberglass shower.  No caulking.  The fiberglass actually sparkles again.  I would definitely use this product again.  It's so easy I'm sure I'll be cleaning the shower a lot more now.  LOL. Performance I still say this is the best shower/tub cleaner of all. I have even used in for the toilet and for the sink. It all works beautifully. Scent It has a pleasant odor when you finish. You do have to be careful when spraying it if you don't have ventilation, such as a window, because it is strong.


Palm Springs, CA


Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean makes everything so shiny


I'm a Bzz agent and I received Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean as a product to test for a Bzz campaign.  I received a power sprayer and two refills.  The power sprayer is really nice.  You don't have to keep pumping the trigger.  Just depress and it automatically keeps spraying until you let it go.  The first thing I noticed when using this product is the fresh, clean smell.  It smells really nice.  It cleans pretty well.  It got off the soap scum and I didn't have to scrub as hard as I normally do.  It didn't get off everything, some of the tougher spots are still there.  It makes everything really shiny, especially the metal fixtures.  It claims to keep cleaning for up to four days.  The metal is shiny for four days for sure.  As far as everything else, the shower lives up to that claim the best.  The sink and toilet, which get the most use, probably only hold up for two to three days. I was pretty impressed with Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean.  It works better than the original Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner.  It smells really great and makes everything shine.  The only thing I would change about it is to allow the sprayer head to adjust the width of the spray.  The wide width is great for the shower but gets a little tricky when spraying smaller areas.  I found a way to deal with this, though.  If you press and release the trigger rather than holding it down, you end up with less product on the floor. I also found another great use for cat owners.  I used it to clean the cat litter pans.  It did a really great job with getting mine looking like new and smelling better.


Archer, FL


One of the best bathroom cleaners


Scrubbing Bubbles Extend a Clean is a wonderful product! I was not sure about it at first but when I saw a coupon to use it and found it was on sale so I could get it for almost free, it was just too good not to pass up! I have always loved Scrubbing Bubbles products and they are the only things I like to clean my bathroom with so that was already a plus! Once I got the product, I thought the continuous trigger option was great. Just having to hold the button made it so quick and easy. I also love that you can lock the trigger to keep it from being inadvertently sprayed by you or little ones. The smell of the product is also not bad as bathroom cleaners go. Now as for the cleaning part, I felt like it worked great. I sprayed it on, left it for a few minutes, and then wiped it clean with a wet rag! The entire bathroom came out sparkling clean and I definitely felt like it lasted until I cleaned the bathroom a week later. This is a product I would definitely recommend to others. Performance This works great! Scent The scent is a little strong, but not bad.


Kuna, ID


The Extend-a-clean means less Elbow Grease for me.


Like a lot of other people, I have tons of half used cleaning products under my kitchen sink. I'm sure every last of one those products have claimed to make cleaning easier which is part of why I bought them. The Scrubbing Bubbles Extend a Clean was no different. I had seen the ads for it so I knew what it was supposed to do but then I had a coupon for it AND it was on sale at my local grocery store so I couldn't resist buying it. I added it to my under the sink collection. I ran out of one cleaner last week and decided to try the extend a clean. The bottle is pretty serious. I start to squirt and the trigger just took over. My first observation was that the cleaner is alot thicker than most of my usual products so it didn't all drip to the bottom of the tub right away, it slowly crept down the sides taking a gross layer of dirt with it. I let it sit for a few minutes with the bathroom window wide open and waited for the smell to hit. It never came. My 6 yr old thought it smelled like Jello and I kind of agree. Stronger than Jello but it wasn't anywhere near as toxic as my usual cleaners. Scrubbing the tub was a breeze since the tub needed more of a wipe down rather than hard scrubbing. The tub has a nice shine to it in less time than it usually takes me and with less smell. One week later and the tub is just as shiny as the first day I used the extend a clean. I can't say whether or not the battery power is what made the difference but either way, I'm happy with the product. I'm glad I bought two.


Fanwood, NJ


Extend-A-Clean easy to use and good cleaner


I decided to try Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean since it was on sale and I had a coupon. This is definitely a different type of sprayer. It is actually battery-operated using what looks like to be 2 double A batteries that are accessed by unscrewing the compartment on top of the part of the container that contains the cleaner. The battery feature is a negative for me. A positive (somewhat) is that the portion with the cleaner can be purchased as a refillable - the battery part does not have to be purchased again. It promotes to work for 4 days. That may be true for a shower, but I clean the tub with a lighter (more 'green") cleaner on a regular basis and use the Extend-A-Clean for a good onee-a-week cleaning. It does have a chemical smell, but I've used cleaners that have smelled more caustic. The sprayer has a lock and unlock switch. Unlocking it allows one to use the continuous spray with little effort. This may be a good product for people with arthritis or some other ailment that would cause them to struggle with this activity. I think the product is a good cleaner, but I prefer "greener" options - greener packaging and cleaner.


Southaven, MS


Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean

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