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Scrollsaw Woodworking and Crafts

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Ever Wanted To Build Your Own Wooden Gear Clock


I have been doing woodworking as a hobby for many years now. We are moving to the other coast and all my woodworking tools have gone to others to enjoy. Where we are going a real woodworking shop is not an option. Enter the world of scroll sawing. I have to admit that this endeavor is going to be pretty new to me. I have done a little on a cheap scroll saw as part of the overall woodworking hobby, but big saws and big pieces of wood were my forte. I still need the smell of fresh sawn wood and the sight of a wooden project being completed and, hopefully, admired by others so I am going to continue my hobby with a tool that will fit the environment of our new abode. In preparation for this event I have been picking up copies of **Scrollsaw Woodworking and Crafts.** I have perused the last three issues and I am impressed. The magazine is slick and polished with wonderful pictures of completed projects, complete with step-by-step instructions and full-size pull out patterns to copy and attach to the wood. Admittedly my first project will not be the all wooden clock featured in the Spring 2007 issue - but maybe someday... My brother-in-law recommended this magazine to me. Have you ever seen one of those huge church-like clocks that look they were made of wooden lace? That is called fretwork and BIL has made a few. He assures me if I follow the directions in this magazine carefully I, too, can do that sort of work. We'll see. The magazine is published quarter;y with a spring, summer, fall, and holiday issue. It costs about $26.00/year by subscription. The cover price is $5.99 US. It has a good amount of advertising that does not get in the way of the articles. All in all it is a good read for anyone interested in the art.


Vancouver, WA


Scrollsaw Woodworking and Crafts

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