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Scotts Organic Choice Garden Soil

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Wonderful, Organic Garden Soil


I often use Scotts Organic Choice Garden Soil as a top dressing in my raised beds and other gardens. It smells good and clean, and I like knowing that I am using organic material to grow my vegetables. When non-organic soils are used for growing food, we end up eating the chemicals contained in the soil. I like knowing that Scotts has provided an efficient and affordable way to grow delicious, truly organic vegetables.




Won't buy again


I attempted to grow a little garden beginning in March. It is now almost August and none of the nine things I've planted have yielded anything! They haven't gotten over 3" tall! I do live in a very hot, very humid area in GA, but I think that only has to do a little with my plants not growing. This soil has hugee chunks of wood, etc and hardly any "dirt". Maybe it would be okay after you've got something partially grown and sturdy. I feel like the baby roots can't push very well through this soil, and it's such big pieces that it keeps it ultra dained. I read somewhere before i got it that someone experimented with this and another kind and that their plants hardly grew and the others were so healthy. I've grown gardens before, so I don't really think it's my lack of gardening skills.. I gave it two stars because it is affordable, and of the possibility of other conditions affecting the growth -- or lack thereof -- if my plants and herbs.


Hinesville, GA


Scott's Organic Soil worked great for my plants!


I bought a bag of Scott's Organic Choice Garden Soil at the beginning of summer this year to give some of my favorite plants some extra TLC. I have a compost in my yard but it is not quite ready to get nutrient rich soil from yet so I bought a bag. I filled many tiny pots up and planted seeds. I planted tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, carrots, etc. I also used this soil to plant some of my herbs. I feel like my plants are getting their needed nutrients when I use organic soil, which is why I splurged to buy some organic soil, as oppose to just dirt from my own garden of yard. I had no trouble with the soil; my plants did well. I intend on picking up another bag next year and using again for my favorite plants. I would recommend using organic soil. It may be more expensive but it is worth it for some things. And I would definitely recommend starting a garden if you haven't already! It's very worth while.


Pasadena, MD


Works just like homemade compost, but without the work!


A few years ago I planted my first garden.  When I was a kid, I'd help my maternal grandma and great grandma (who lived next door to each other) with their gardens.  And my paternal grandmother could have fed nations with the bounties of her garden.  So, I'm not really sure what my problem was, but let's just say i'm a late bloomer.  ;) Anyway, to get started I bought a bag of Scott's Organic Garden Soil.  I figured it would help the dirt in my backyard be more productive, and I was right on.  Had a great season with carrots, zucchini.  My attempted peas and ochre didn't grow so great, but I later learned it was too hot and sunny for them.  So, I can't really blame the soil. Last year (my second year having a garden), I planted corn, zukes, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers.  Everything thrived! I've used this in potted plants too, with good results.  I know they sell a potted variety, but I had some left so I tried it.  It was fine, no root rot or anything like that.   I would definitely say I was satisfied with this product.


Los Angeles, CA


Scotts Organic Choice Garden Soil

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