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Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner & Preservative

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Liquid Gold Beautifies Your Furniture


A little bit of Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner & Preserver goes a long way. It can be used on any wood furniture, and it will clean it and give it a nice layer of protection from dirt and grime. It gives your wood furniture a new life, and turns old furniture into beautiful and shiny pieces you won't be ashamed of. It is very greasy though, and you need to make sure you wipe it good to get any excess off. Personally I would not put it on a hardwood floor because it is so greasy you would slip and slide on it. But wood cabinets and tables would work well with it. Performance It works ok, cleans up wood and gives it a nice shine. It can make old furniture look new, or at least a lot better than it used to. Spray a thin layer and wipe it in, trying to spread the cleaner to rid it of its greasiness. Scent Scott's Liquid Gold has a smell that is unlike any other cleaners. It is pleasant, is not chemically, and not too strong. It has almost an artificial cherry kind of smell.

Callicoon, NY


This product works well.


I use this product to clean my coffee tables, which do happen to get pretty dusty. But man, does this stuff do the job! This isn't one of those products where you have to go over the same spot twice to get the gunk off. This stuff gets the stuff off and leaves my wooden coffee tables with a wonderful clean luster. One minor thing is that you have to wipe it off really good or it'll leave a slippery surface behind! But it's one great wood polisher!



Scott's Liquid Gold Protects and Revitalizes Wood


Dusting and general cleaning need to be completed from time to time and some people use nothing more than a dry cloth to do the job. This can sometimes work, but a better method is to use a furniture spray/polish and one brand I have tried and liked is **Scott's Liquid Gold.** **Cleaner Facts and Commentary:** Scott's Liquid Gold is an aerosol spray cleaner with a nutty scent. The product utlizes an organic formula that cleans, dusts, protects, and polishes in one easy step. Scott's Liquid Gold has an interesting scent and it is one that I have a hard time getting used to. I am too accustomed to Pledge, Favor, and other products that offer the scent of lemon. I expect my furniture dusting aid to smell like lemons, but this one does not and I had to condition myself to accept it. I find it okay now, and certainly a nice change of pace from the usual scent. Scott's Liquid Gold is good at cleaning and protecting wood and one spray and a quick wipe is all it takes to get wooden surfaces clean and shiny.The product not only cleans- it also adds moisturization to wood and penetrates the surface to keep wood looking its best for a long time. Once sprayed and wiped, wood has a shiny, reflective look and its surface feels a little oily to the touch. **My Bottom Line:** Scott's Liquid Gold has been around for a long time, but the product has improved and today, it stands as a very useful furniture cleaner and protector. I still like my lemon- scented furniture cleaning products better, but I agree that Scott's Liquid Gold works quite well and makes a good choice when you have older furniture in need of some rejuvenation. Performance It protects, revitalizes, and makes wood surfaces shine Scent Scent is different- not lemony, like so many others

Houston, TX


Scott's Liquid Gold is worth its weight in gold.


Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner & Preservative is an organic oil formula that I discovered years ago at an antique auction. I noticed one of the workers applying something to a tabletop that seemed to magically bring it to life. I inquired and they graciously showed me the product. I bought some and have used it ever since on my furniture, cabinets and wood paneling. Scott's Liquid Gold is a staple in my cleaning arsenal. Performance Liquid Gold instantly provides a shine that brings out the natural grain of the wood while adding a protective layer that repels dust. The oil sinks into the wood to nourish it and keep it from drying out. Since it actually ADDS moisture to the wood it keeps it from warping or splitting. One of the most interesting [and not advertised] uses for Scott's Liquid Gold is to use it as a metal cleaner. I use it on my faucets to clean and polish them. The Liquid Gold leaves a protective film that repels water to keep the faucet from spotting. It can also be used on stove fronts to remove smudges and light soil. Scent Scott's Liquid Gold has a light almond scent that makes it pleasant to use.

Northern, FL


Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner & Preservative

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