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Scotts Hyponex "Nature Scapes" Color Enhanced Mulch 2cf

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I LOVE Scott's Nature Scapes mulch!


This was the first year that we've ever owned a home (and a garden and front yard!) so all this mulching, gardening, tarping, weeding business is all new to me! But that being said, I think Scott's Nature Scapes will be my favorite mulch in terms of brand and quality. I bought I believe 13 bags of this mulch in the color "Sierra Red", and it was first of all the EXACT color I was looking for. I'm the type of person that, once I get a vision in my head of what i want, I dont' stop till I FIND it - no matter how close any other imitation might be! So when I had a certain color of mulch stuck in my head, I knew that was the one I HAD to have for our front garden! Well, happily, Scott's Nature Scapes Sierra Red color was THE EXACT thing I was looking for! It is a GREAT price, too (especially if you go at the end of summer for their summer-end sales!) I love how it's not shredded too thin but it's not that ugly big chunky BARK, either! It smells GREAT, too. Definitely recommend.


Idaho Falls, ID


Scotts Hyponex "Nature Scapes" Color Enhanced Mulch 2cf

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