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Scott Liquid Gold Wood Wash

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Great stuff


Liquid gold wood wash works great! It's awesome for a quick dusting job, cupboards, counters, and wood stands or dressers. I have used it on grungy wood quite a bit while I was cleaning houses and it works amazing. I used it on a couple of cupboards that were up about a stove that were covered in a greasy film and it cleaned it right off with little scrubbing. Not much is needed for cleaning so the bottle lasts a long time.



Scott's Liquid Gold wood wash - best cupboard cleaner!


I finally found it! I have no longer been able to find Murphy's Oil soap cleaner that does not require rinsing, so I began looking for something else. I found the perfect product in Scott's Liquid Gold wood wash! We were refurbishing a house that had some smoke damage on the wood cupboards. I really thought we would have to completely sand the cupboards down and revarnish or paint, but I was wrong. I found Scott's wood wash, and it did a beautiful job! People who had seen the cupboards before I washed them and then after were absolutely amazed at the job this wood wash did. It was so easy to use as it was a spray dispenser. I would spray, wipe down with a soft cloth and let it dry! No rinsing or rewiping. Another great thing about it is the smell. I just used it today to wash my own cupboards and my husband commented how good it smelled in the house. I won't be without my Scott's Liquid Gold wood wash!

Mount Vernon, OH


Scott Liquid Gold Wood Wash

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