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Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner

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I have stainless steel appliances in my kitchen. I love the look of them but cleaning them is extremely annoying. I got the Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner in hopes that it would make cleaning them easier and get rid of the finger prints and whatnot that always seem to be on them. The product comes with a handles and pre-moistened pads that you stick onto the handle. The pads were not very wet, barely damp. Seems like it would be convenient and quick though right? So I tried the product on my refrigerator first. It did a good job of buffing away the finger prints. Then I tried it on my stove and that's when I realized the faults with the product. The device is too large to fit between the burners so you couldn't use it on a lot of the stove top part. It also did nothing for getting up any stuck on food. I tried to use a little more muscle but it still would not remove the stuck on food so I had to just clean my stove like usual. The device is too big to use on some surfaces which isn't very handy. The cleaning product in the pads do not get stuck on food off and are pretty dry for being "pre-moistened". It will buff away finger prints but that's about it. Don't waste your money.



Leaves my Stainless looking dull and blotchy


I recently moved into a home with new appliances - all of which are stainless steel.  So when I saw the Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner system on clearance at the grocery store - I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to try this new product.  I was very disappointed in the performance of this cleaner.  The pads are not very moist (I bought 2 packages and both were rather dry, so I don't think it was just that my particular box was dry).  They did not do a very good job of cleaning and shining my stainless steel.  Granted they didn't scratch it, but they didn't clean it up either.  The pads would not remove stuck on food or smears - the only thing it really did was buff away fingerprints.  And when I say "buff away" I mean that it took more elbow grease on my part to clean them than the pad itself did.  If I wanted to work that hard to clean my appliances, I will just use a normal spray cleaner and rag.  If I had not bought on clearance, the starter kit and refills are both rather expensive - and given their poor performance would definitely not be worth the cost.

South Bend, IN


Brilliant Shine from Scotch Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner


I moved into a home with a stainless steel fridge and dishwasher. I soon after added a microwave oven and trash can to match. I have used generic stainless steel wipes before and they've always left unpleasent streaky marks on my appliances. I found a coupon for the Scotch Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner and decided to give it a try. I'm thankful I did because cleaning my stainless steel appliances has never been easier! The wipe easily sticks to the handle and picks up all the fingerprints and even some of the leftover food particles. The sheen off the appliances was blinding, in the best possible way. The only negative is it is impossible to clean underneath the door handles because the handle on the scotch brite cleaner is so bulky. I had to remove the pad from the handle to get into the tight spots. I may buy the refills for this product if I can find them cheaply enough. Each wipe can clean one appliance only, so if you have a kitchen full of stainless steel this product could get costly.

Fort Myers, FL


This convenience product isn't worth the money.


Scotch-Brite Cook Top Cleaner is a product that you would only use if you own a glass top stove or ceramic cook top.  The way you would normally clean a glass top stove is with a liquid that you apply with a soft cloth, and then buff it in.  After it is applied, you would then wipe it clean with a papertowel.  It is not a difficult process, but it can be time consuming.  Thus, when I saw the Scoth-Brite Cook Top Cleaner, I was intrigued because it promotes itself as being *'an easy solution to keeping your glass or ceramic cook top free from stuck-on food and grease stains'*.  I'm the type of person that REALLY appreciates a convenience product, and will usually purchase something if I think it will save me time.  The Scotch-Bright Cook Top Cleaner comes in a starter kit, which includes a scratch free pad with an easy to hold handle, and pre-moistened pads that you use to clean the cook top.  The bottom of the scratch free pad has a velcro-like material, and you just press a cleaning pad onto the bottom.  Then, the pads are pre-moistened, so you don't wet them or anything.  You just start cleaning the cook top.  I noticed right after I started using it, that I wasn't noticing a lot of cleaning solution on the pad.  Usually, when I clean my cook top the normal way, I have a lot of solution that I can use to really clean the cook top thoroughly.  Also, this product claims it would help rid of baked on food, it didn't.  After I was done wiping down the cook top with this, I had to break out my regular stuff and use it anyway. There are things that I liked about the Scotch-Brith Cook Top Cleaner, and things that I didn't.  Pros - I love the handle on the cleaning tool!  Your hands stay away from the cleaning solution, and it makes it really easy to push down and really scrub the cook top.  Con - It just didn't clean well enough.  It didn't get off the cooked on food. Pros - Although it didn't get off the cooked on food, it did leave the cooktop looking shiny and clean. Con - With a regular bottle of cook top cleaner, I would get months and months worth of uses out of one bottle.  But with this product.....there are only a few pads in the starter kit, and then you have to go out and buy refill pads.  The refill pads only come in a pack of six and they are more than one bottle of regular cook top cleaner. Here are the features that the Scotch-Brite Cook Top Cleaner claimed to have, and then my opinion on that claim: **Features:** - The power of Scotch-Brite scrubbing fibers to clean and shine  (False -Didn't have the power that I thought it would) - Removes stuck-on food and cuts through grease  (False -Did NOT remove stuck on food and didn't really help the grease left on the stove after cooking) - Unique handle and pad scrubs, cleans and polishes (True - LOVED the handle) - Scratch-free pad won't harm delicate cook tops (True - Didn't scratch the cook top) - Includes 6 Pre-moistened Pads (True - Love the premoisted pads, just wish there was more of them and that they worked better) **Bottom Line** - If you are currently using a normal bottle of cook top cleaner, I would recommend sticking with it and staying away from the Scotch-Brithe Cook Top Cleaner.  I really like the idea behind this product, and think it could be a good seller if it worked better.  My hope is that 3M (The makers of this product) will improve their formula so that it works better, and I will try it again.

Jacksonville, NC


Doesn't get rid of tough stains like advertises


Was excited to get this product and disappointed after trying it.  It is great for new spills, stains, and dirt on your stove top but doesn't get ground in or old stains out.  I went through most of the refills on the first try, trying to scrub off the stove top!  The only plus was that it made my dirty stove top shine...

Sheldon, IL


Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner

2.2 5