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Toilet Cleaner
Scotch Brite
Scotch-Brite Disposable Scrubber Toilet Cleaner

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Cool product


This is truly awesome. You dont really need to own a toilet brush if have only one or 2 bathrooms. I've received this as a sample and was like WOW I like this a lot. However silly me tried to stretch it out and tried to use it on another toilet. I have 4 bathrooms. I was able to use one scrub for 2 toilets. You dont have to touch anything. You scrub and just use the lever and it releases the pad in the trash. So awesome. Btw, I received this through a coupon, not a sample.

Springfield PA


Really good toilet cleaner!


This is one of my favorite toilet cleaners I have owned because of the fact that it fits under the rim of my toilet. In the past, I have had a really hard time getting my toilet clean right under the rim. This scrubber does an outstanding job at taking care of the area under the rim. It gets it really clean. The scrubber top allows you to really work at the toilet as well. The scrubber top fits on the handle easily. It gets your entire toilet really clean. The water will turn blue when your using this to show it is activating the cleaning chemicals. It is a great product and one that I would highly recommend. Performance These have performed really well for me. They have gotten every part of my toilet really clean. You can also easily dispose of them in the trash when you finish. Scent The scent is fine. It is not as strong as other toilet cleaners. It does make your toilet and bathroom smell nice and clean.



Scotch-Brite Disposable Scrubber Toilet Cleaner

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