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Scootworks -- Phat Riser

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Even tall guys need a lttle help now and then!


By now a lot of you have read about my [***2008 V Star 650 Classic***][1] and all of the add ons I have put on my ***Lil' Blue***, well I have another addition to tell you about. Even at 6' 2" I find that to get into a comfortable cruising position I was a little bit shy of achieving it. My new [***Bikers Friend Saddlebag Backrest***][2] helped a lot but I felt I could still improve on my comfort level. After many searches I have found that elusive piece that would help me obtain my desired sitting position.**Scootworks PhatRisers**For those that don't know the piece where the handlebar attaches to the front end or Triple Tree is called a Riser, on a bicycle you call it a gooseneck. Anyway the stock riser is right around 1 to 1 1/2" high with hardly any backward rake (angle toward the rider). I found ***Scootworks*** (www.scootworks.com) through my searches and found that they are located in Zebulon North Carolina and they make many solutions for todays motorcycle owner. From Bling to functional parts they have a wide selection to fit most any motorcycle on the road today.I found these handlebar risers on thier site and the come in 3 sizes...***PhatRisers*** are 4" tall and give you another 1 1/2" of height as well as 2" of rake. They also have*** PhatRiser II** PhatRiser III*** which is another 1 1/2" (5.5" total) taller and which are another 1 1/2" (8" total) taller. The sole purpose is being able to lean back and still have a bend in your elbows. The ***PhatRiser*** did the trick and allows me to lean back with a bend in my elbow and are it's very comfortable.**Installation**Installing them is an easy task as the small rise still allows me to use all my stock cables (Clutch, Brake, Wiring) as well as my stock brake hose. I covered my gas tank with a blanket, undid the stock risers and then laid my handlebars on the blanket. I removed the old risers and had to drill my cable brace a little bigger. Then I bolted the risers in place, put the handlebars back in the cradle and hand tightened it all up. Then I sat on my bike and adjusted them where they felt comfortable and did the final tightening on the handlebars and risers.They recommend tightening to 10ft. lbs. but since I don't have a torque wrench I approximated how tight I made them. After 30 years of working on vehicles I am confident I am pretty close to having them perfect. All that was left now was to wipe of all the sweat I dripped all over ( it was 95 degrees yesterday) the front end and my fingerprints off the shiny new risers.**Bottom Line**Total install time was about 30 minutes and went without a hitch. I now have my handlebars a bit higher which helps the mirrors clear my shoulders for a better view of traffic to the side and rear of me. I also have a more comfortable sitting position which was my goal from the beginning. These ***PhatRisers*** as well as there other ones also come in 3 styles, they have black, polished aluminum and one that is polished and has flames etched in them. I opted for the polished ones which are solid Billet Aluminum and have a chrome appearance to them.I can now ride comfortable and a bit safer with the addition of my new*** PhatRisers*** from ***Scootworks***. I did have one bolt cover that was scratched but with a phone call to them they said they would mil me a new one right away. I love thier products and the customer service is tops in my book. I will order from them again without hesitation! [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Yamaha-V-Star-650-Classic-2008-Motorcycle-review-6c2c3 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Bikers-Friend-Saddlebag-Backrest-review-3a1c1

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Scootworks -- Phat Riser

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