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Scoop Away
Scoop Away Clump Control

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One of the better cat litters on the market.


Scoop away with clump control is one of the better cat litters that we have been able to find to control the litter boxes for our 4 cats. We live in an apartment so it is a high priority to keep the litter as clean as possible and this makes it easy. I don't understand why people use non-clumping litter and dump the whole box when they 'empty' it. I think it is easier, saves time and money to scooop it out once or twice a day and save the 'clean' litter for use later on.

Auburn, NY


Scoop Away Clump Control (Cat Litter)


I liked this one. It is better than most. It's hard for me to find Cat Litter I actual am satisfied with since they discontinued what I considered to be the Supreme of all cat litter (Dust Stopper). But the Scoop Away I was almost completely satisfied with.

Portland, OR


Scoop Away Clump Control

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