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Conditioner for African American Hair
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Science of Beauty ShedNoMore

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Reduction of breakage overnight


I have not been able to frequent the salon as often as I previously had because of finances.  Anyway I was experinecing breaking every time I would comb my hair more than normal shedding was taking place.  Of course this caused me great concern.  Because I am use to regular salon visits I asked a liscensed cosmotolgist what I could do.  She of course recommended me to the salong however, introduced me to a product that I never previously heard of.  Shed No More, she promised to bring me some samples which she did.  Ladies, I applied the creme to my hair and afterwards started to comb thru it.  immediately I noticed a reduction of breakage.  Example being when I would comb thru my hair there would be hair in the sink on the floor and on me.  When I comb thru after applying this product the hair breakage was mimimal.  I have been using it ever since.  On the back it also tells me about other products Relaxer treatment , Rebuilding conditioner, site is www.shedstopper.com 

Greensboro, NC


Shed NoMore product's line...


Yes I agree... shed no more products' line are excellent; currently using their entire line except the relaxer treatment will use in the near future. If breakage continues try prepoo with conditioner only in-between your weekly wash and deep conditioner with olive oil and hot oil treatment with black castor oil. You will see amazing results right along with the shed no more regimen. Also I air dry overnight and at time blow dry on cool setting and only use flat iron once a month if that. Less heat is better but when heat is applied please used a heat protector. Usage period (3) months... Have a blessed day!

Fort Campbell, KY


Science of Beauty ShedNoMore

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