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Schwinn Suburban Sport Bicycle

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You will love this bike!


This bike suits our needs so very well. My husband and I ride it when we have time to fit in a bike ride. The seat is so very well padded and comfortable. The gears work perfectly, and are in a very good location. We sometimes take it on nature trails that have a lot of rocks and low-shrub, and this bike handles it very well, surprisingly. We have found it to be extremly versatile. We live in a very hilly area, and the bike handles this very well. We looked at a lot of bikes before we purchased this one, but feel as though we made an excellent choice with overall performance. In fact, I can't think of anything I would want them to improve on, or do differently when it comes to this bike! The brand name is reliable, and respected. We've owned it now for 2 months, and maybe somewhere down the road we'll find problems with it, but for now, all I can say is that we wish we had bought this bike a long time ago!

Bulverde, TX


Good for exercise


This bike is perfect for the whole family, and it's good for the exercise. I currently own a bike that I use for my exercise. Every morning I get up and go take a quick ride on the boardwalk, my seats are very comfortable, and the gears are in a perfect condition. If I wanted to ride my bike fast, I can do it, even if I wanted to ride it very slow, I can also do it. This bike is perfect for any weather. The bike I currently own, is good for rough roads and mountains. I love to ride it with no hands, But I always make sure that I'm wearing shoulder and knee pads, and a hemlet. That's the most important thing you should always need when taking a quick ride on your bicycle. I sometimes ride my with my friends, and we love to have races, and see who can beat us on the track. When I'm no busy, I also join races, marathons and etc. and I do it for good causes ; HIV, AIDS, STD. I'm up for anything that is good, and that will help others in need.

Long Beach, NY


Schwinn Suburban Sport Bicycle

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