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Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bike

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Great bike for moderate at-home exercise


Yep, I jumped on the New Year's Resolution Fitness Bandwagon. But while for the last few years I've fallen back into bad habits of not exercising regularly, this year I've stuck with it. I've had the Schwinn 220 Recumbent Exercise Bike for almost 3 months, and it's been a great aid to sticking with my fitness goals. Ninety percent of my problem with working out is just getting motivated to go to the gym. I hate the locker rooms and fighting over equipment and feeling like you have to show off for the regular gym bunnies. Having this exercise bike at my house is great because when I get up in the morning or when I come home from work I can jump on the bike for 45 minutes and check my workout off the list for the day. The Schwinn 220 is a good option for someone who wants to do moderate workouts at home. It has the "Schwinn Advantage" program, which allows you to save multiple users and workout settings and history. It's very easy to set up and program and switch between users. However, it doesn't feel quite as substantial as the equipment at the gym, which is why I think it's probably better for moderate workouts. I wanted something easy on the joints, so I went with a recumbent bike instead of a treadmill. The multiple program and difficulty options still provide a great range of workouts, and you can definitely get your heart rate up for aerobic impact. The bike has a pretty small profile. I have it set up in a spare bedroom and while you notice there's a bike in there, it doesn't take up the entire room. It's also pretty quiet compared to other at-home equipment I've heard. I used to have condo neighbors with an eliiptical that woke me up every morning, so I was worried about that. But I bought a shock-absorbing pad to go under the bike, and it protects my floor and my neighbors say they can't hear a thing. The 220 model has a few features that some of the other budget models I looked at didn't have: a magazine rack and a fan. The magazine rack gets more use as an iPad holder so I can catch up on TV shows while working out, but it's very convenient and well-positioned. I haven't used the fan yet, but maybe I will when it's warmer outside. I can't speak to the level of difficulty for assembly because I paid a little extra for the at-home delivery and installation, but the two men who set it up said they had never installed that particular model before. They followed the instructions and were done in under an hour. I would think it would probably be a two-person job for anyone. I bought my bike on sale for 20 percent off, but after having it for a few months, I think the regular price is still a good value. Overall, the Schwinn 220 has been a great purchase and I would recommend it to anyone who wants fitness equipment at home. If someone wanted to build a more extensive gym I might suggest something a little more substantial, but this model is perfect for the average person looking for a low-impact workout at home.




Great bike for the price


When we were looking to buy a recumbant bike, we shopped around.  Not quite knowing what was avaiable, we saw a wide variety of prices.  Schwinn is known for quality products, and the 220 Recumbant exercise bike is no exception.  Although we could have spent much more money on other brands, I don't know why we would have.  This bike is quiet to use, easy to adjust, and has great course options.  I like how the different course soffer different levels of resistance even within the programmed reistance patterns.  The bike comes with some additional features, such as a book rack and fan.  Although I have not used the fan yet, I can see how when it is not freezing outside, it might be useful. This bike meets varied needs of both myself and my husband, whom trains at a higher level than I do.  The one downfall is that attractiveness of the bike to mi kids.  But, the bike beeps when turned on, so we always know when one of the children is fiddling with the bike.


Lawrence, KS


Great bike


I bought this bike a couple of years ago, and my husband and I have used it a lot. I just had knee replacement surgery, and it's great for warming up the knee. We have not had one problem with it other than it squeaks a little bit when you are pedaling. I'm sure it just needs something tightened or some oil. I use the program mode, and you can pretty much customize your workout however you choose. Hopefully I can work up to one of the higher levels some day. This recumbent bike was more expensive that some of the others, but we tried them out at Dick's, and this one was the most comfortable and adjustable for different body types. We love it. Fairly easy assembly.


Delphi, IN


Highly recommend this bike!


I love this bike! I'm not that handy but I found it very easy to assemble. It comes with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, all the required hardware, and easy to use tools specifically for this bike. The computer is also easy to program and easy to use. You can enter your own personal information, such as height, weight, desired weight, and make custom programs to fit your specific needs. It also tells you how long and how far you have ridden, and how many calories you have burned, which is very helpful when using this not just to stay in shape and healthy, but when trying to lose weight. There are also programs already programmed into the computer so if you don't want to take the time to create a custom workout program, you can use the ones already available. There is also a heart monitor, so you can be sure you get a good cardio workout. In addition, the bike is comfortable, quiet and easy to use while watching TV or reading a book or magazine. You can ride miles and miles before you know it!


Franklin, WI


Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bike

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