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Mountain Bike
Schwinn Mountain Bike

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Great Bike, Very Durable


Bought this bike some time ago and it is very durable.  I ride it very hard and it holds up very well.  Very smooth ride.  It is good on all tarains.  Fun to ride, and looks good on the road.  Easy to repair.  I would strongly recommend this bike to anyone who likes to ride, even if you are just going to use it on the roads, beach, or on hills.  Good for all ages and body types.

Oxnard, CA


Great ride and smooth!


Had one of these bikes a while back- *loved* it. Great bike, easy to ride, fun. Looks great and easy to maintain. All the component parts worked in synchonry to provide a great ride. Unfortunately, my bike was stolen only a few months after having it. :-( (It was eventually returned by the police when someone tried to pawn it--- a testament to my OCD faithful habit of writing down the serial numbers of my possessions!!) I'd reccommend this bike- and almost everything made by Schwin.

Mobile, AL


great bkie...fun to ride


This is one great bike...this is about the tenth or eleventh bike I have owned and by far the best one.  It looks good and is smooth and powerful. I have put it through it's paces for six months now and never had a problem.  It feels solid and is a joy to use either on or off road.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable bike that wont dissapoint.   

Miami, FL


If you want to go cycling, this is the choice for you!


When I was looking for a new bike to begin cycling once again, I decided to go for the tried and true Schwinn bike.  It had been years since I had rode a bike last, and I was at first reluctant to get on it, but after riding across my yard and hoping the neighbors didn't see me, I began to overcome that fear I once had as a child.  This bike was not only comfortable to ride, but also made it very easy for the child in me to begin riding once again.  Thanks for such a great product!

Lake Station, IN


Schwinn Mountain Bike

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