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Schwinn Free Wheeler 2 Double Jogging Stroller

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Best Jogger for the price!


I am a busy mom of twins and needed a great jogging stroller for running around the neighborhood. I used to have another brand with a fixed wheel and it was such a pain. Then I found this one and purchased it. It is GREAT!!! It turns sooo easily and is easy to push. The fabric is durable and there is ample storage space underneath the seats. The one feature that I love the most is that there is a bar in the front of the stroller. I love that my kids can sit in the seats without the harness on (they are 3 and prefer not to be strapped in). But they love to sit forward and hold on to the bar. And I know that they won't fall out. I have taken this stroller all over the place and it has worked well. While yes, it is bulky, you must keep in mind that there is NO double jogging stroller out there that isn't bulky. I would recommend this to anyone!

Monroe, NC


Great, durable stroller, not the easiest to transport


My Sister-in-Law loved this stroller for 3 1/2 years until her girls outgrew it; that's when she gifted it to me and now we love it! The Schwinn Double Jogger handles well. My husband or I can easily take a run with our boys (3 and 18 months) without jostling them around too much.  Jogging is far from the only use for this stroller. It is great for festivals in open fields and parks where the surface is bumpy. The large wheels make it possible to comfortably maneuver areas that aren't smooth and flat! I also really like the adjustable straps. For my younger boy I can use the full five point harness to keep him safely seated; my older boy sits comfortably with only the three point (between the legs and around the waist) harness. The only complaint I have about the Schwinn Double Jogger is that it is hard to transport all by myself. Removing the front wheel to fold it up is pretty simple, but lifting it into the trunk of my car is a little difficult. But it is a huge double jogging stroller, so that's somewhat expected.  

Oklahoma City, OK


A must have!


I have never and will never claim to be a runner. I actually despise running to be honest. But after my baby girl was born, I made the decision, along with my husband, to get in shape enough to run a 5k together as a family.  I knew that with our two kids, the training would be especially difficult.  I also knew that if we didn't get a jogger, we would end up just getting frustrated with our regular stroller and end up quiting our training all together.  We looked into what we wanted to get and had narrowed it down to this stroller and another brand.  Off we went to Babys R Us and low and behold, they had 1 Schwinn left that was a return and so therefore, at a much cheaper rate.  We got it home and after 1 use, we were sold!  We love it!  Even just for taking walks.  The only down side is its size. It is definitely not a very compact stroller and does make transporting it quite difficult at times. 

Vandalia, OH


love it!


I bought my Schwinn Free Wheeler Double Jogging Stroller this summer when I started training for a half marathon. I researched for a long time before decidign on this particular stroller. I am so glad I bought it! It is an awesome stroller. It's so easy to push, easy to turn, easy to collapse, comfortable for my children. They love riding in it and I love pushing them in it. I had read that the seats are a bit short and I was concerned about that as my children are quite tall. However, I have not had a problem. The other concern was that the seats reclined too far back. I've also not had a problem with that either. Sometimes my daughter wants to sit up a little straighter and we simply pack her a pillow. There is one thing I am not thrilled with, and that is the gap between the sun shade and the back of the stroller. I'm not sure why Schwinn would make such a nice bit canopy and then leave a gag through which the sun can enter, but they did. However, it's pretty easy to cover up the whole with a blanket. Overall, I am thrilled with this stroller. I wish I would have bought one to use with my first two children instead of waiting until I had my fourth!

Wilton, IA


My Schwinn fits my 4 and 5 year old perfect!


After my toddlers became two big for the front and back stroller, I looked into jogging strollers. This Schwinn is worth the money and just as nice as a BOB. Many mom friends have noticed that it even has more standard features then the BOB. I have a 5 and 4 year old and they both still fit great. I love the weather bubble that comes out of the adjustable canopy. My girls always ask for the bubble, even when it is not raining. I have had it for three years now and have had no problems. I love the 5 point harness that keeps them safe and cozy. My girls love riding next to each other. There are so many pockets that I can fill them all up for a long day at Disneyland and have everything we need! The mother tray is also nice, with many pockets to keep my cell and keys and two water bottles. When I go jogging with it the girls get a nice smooth ride with the shocks, all the guys always notice the shocks! LOVE this stroller, I will be sad when they no longer fit in it!

Olympia, WA




I am a Busy Mom of three children ages (One, Two and Four). This stroller is a must have around here. We take the stroller everywhere we go! It rides so smooth, and it turns on the drop of dime. I can even take this stoller through the woods and fields in my backyard! The tires are real rubber, not like the plastic junk sold on regluar strollers. The stroller is GREAT quality and nicely made! It is perfect for anyone who has young kids and needs something that will actually hold up well. The down side of the stroller is that it is HUGE. It does fold down nice, but you need a large trunk to house it if you are wanting to take it with you places. But it is still worth the money even if you can't take it anywhere due to the size. Just to have for nice long walks is worth the money. the stroller rolls effortlessly and is a great tool to have a around. I would highly reccomend this stroller if you have an active family like mine!

Hudsonville, MI


I simply love my schwin free wheeler


I have two is 2 and one is 1. I searched and compared strollers for about 9 months before I finally decided on the Schwinn Free Runner. I absolutely love this stroller. It's super easy to push, it's easy to put my kids in and out of and it fits in my Mitsubishi Lancer's trunk (which isn't super big). The back wheels come off and go one with just a little push up lever and pulling them off or pushing them on. The thing that I love the very most about this stroller though is it fits through all but one door I've tried it on. The back wheel base is 31.5 inches wide. Most doors are 32" wide. It took me about a month to be able to hit the doors just right, but I don't have any problems anymore. Another thing I love about this is, it has an adjustable handle bar for tall to short people. I'm only 5'2" and a lot of the strollers I tried had the handle way too high for me to get any kind of maneuverability out of it. The adjustable handle works for me and for my husband who is almost 6'. It's just a button on each side of the handle that you push in and then it rotates to get a higher or lower position.The other thing I love is it is so light. It's got an aluminum frame, so it's super durable, but also super light. There are a couple of things that I'm super thrilled with. The seats are difficult to move up (as in from lying to sitting) if your child is in them. And folding the stroller can be a little difficult, but it really is one handed. There's just a button that you push in and over and that releases whatever it is inside to let it fold. I do have to bounce the handle bar a little bit to get it to really release, but it's not hard at all, and it does give me peace of mind that it's not going to fold with my children in it. The last thing I wish it had was a drink holder on the handle bars. There's no such thing as going to starbucks and then going shopping and not having to hold your coffee. But it's a minor thing. All in all I couldn't be happier with this stroller.  

Palmdale, CA


Great stroller if you don't have to fold it up!


We bought the Schwinn Free Wheeler Double Jogger because I was running frequently and had a fixed wheel jogging stroller that was horrible. I wanted the swivel wheel for easy steering in tight places, yet one that locked into place for running. This stroller was great for the running part. However, if you have to fold this up several times a day to take it places (we wanted to take it everywhere since we have 2 small kids) this is not the stroller for you. The joint/hinge piece is made of plastic and pulls and breaks to easy for the price we paid. We bought one, which broke immediately and thought it was a fluke, so we had it replaced with the same model, which after one week started to break in the exact same spot.  I am still using this stroller for running, but can't fold it up to put it in the car to take anywhere with the fear that the next time I fold it, it will break.  Which brings me to another thought. Even if I could fold it, it is still ginormous, heavy and awkward to get into the trunk of a car.  This makes me sad, as I really LOVED this stroller. Great sun shade, great parent tray, great storage, great wheels, adjustable handle for me (5'3) and my hubby (6'3), reclining seats If you are looking for a quality stroller to last you a LONG time, this is not the stroller for you. If you want something for just around the neighborhood, this would work for you. I REALLY want the BOB revolution! (but can't afford it)

Highlands Ranch, CO


Schwinn Free Wheeler 2 Double Jogging Stroller

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