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Schwarzkopf got2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion

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Got2 Have It


I can not say enough good things about the Got2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion. I use this as part of my daily hair care routine. I blow dry and use a flat iron on my hair which can dry out my hair and make it feel tangled and frizzy. Using the Got2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion eliminates this. It really works wonders in controlling my fly away, fizzy hair. It does a great job in calming my hair and relaxing it. Best of all, it is weightless, it doesn't feel heavy or get dry and crusty. It makes my hair feel soft and silky and makes brushing and combing my hair much easier and less painful. Since using this product my hair is far more manageable and looks and feels healthier and shinier. As an added bonus I love the design and shape of the bottle. It looks premium and upscale. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone that either blow drys or uses a flat iron on their hair. Using this product will help end dryness and frizzy, fly away hair.

New York, NY


My hair is so FREAKIN luxurious!


Got 2 b Smooth Operator Lustre Lotion: My hair has gone from frizzy summer curls to long, luxurious, shiny waves... And every time I smell my own hair I almost pass out from joy! This stuff really works. I was a little irritated at first by the teeny-tiny amount of product that comes out with each squirt, because I am used to having to use a ton of mostly any product to get the result I want. So for the first week I overused the product, then I decided to try just a small amount and that worked even better. I am a wash'n'go kind of girl and this stuff is just right for me. I wash, towel dry, apply about a dime size blob of the product, run a brush thru and go. By the time I get to work, my hair is dry, beautiful and smelling just amazing. The one drawback of this product is buildup. Even after I quit using waaaaaay too much, now when I only use a lil bit, after 2 or 3 days of use I do get a little heavy flatness, which to me makes my hair look greasy, and since I have naturally curly and dry hair I try not to wash more than twice a week. With this product I do have to wash every other day. Of course when I say it was looking greasy, my husband said it did not look greasy but soft and shiny. Who knows. Still a great product overall, the price is right, and oh, did I mention the AMAZING SCENT???

Houston, TX


got 2b hair lotion could use some improvement.


I'm always on the look out for a good hair product. Something that will tame the winter frizzys, keep my son's hair in place, and not leave build up flakes in its wake. Well, this is not that product. got 2b has a very pleasant smell to it, too girly for my husband and son though. When my son tried it, it did help keep his hair in place, but he didn't care for the oily feel of his hair when he used it, or the flakyness that occurred the next day because of it. As for my own hair, well it did help keep the frizzys down, I will admit. But I simply did not care for the heavy greasy look I ended up with either. Perhaps this product would be put to better use as a night treatment for your hair. One that you wash off the next morning before you go anywhere. The packaging is cute. It has a "royal" look to it that is rather cheap looking with the little plastic charms hanging off of it. Maybe they should put more money into a better product and less into decorating their packaging with cheap plastic charms.

Elizabethtown, PA


Smooth Operator is great for static!


There are four girls in our household, and all of us have fine very straight hair. Where we live it gets very cold and very dry in the winter time. Which means that during the colder months, all of us are constantly battling with hair that is full of static! It gets so bad that their hair stands on end with just one touch from a fleece mitten or hat of any kind. In the past we had to almost continually wet down their hair to keep the static under control. Spraying with hair spray was a temporary fix and the effects would wear off just as quickly as plain water. I got some samples of Got 2B Smooth Operator as a Bzzz Agent, and I first used them on myself in the summertime. The first thing I noticed was the wonderful smell, I loved that! I had very long hair at the time and this product worked well for taming flyaways and keeping my hair smooth. But the real magic came when I used this product in the wintertime on my three daughters! It keeps static under control for hours, and I like the fact that it disappears in their fine hair and doesn't weigh it down. Plus they smell delicious!

West Fargo, ND


beautiful hair in a bottle!


I love love love this stuff!! I got a sample and a few coupons in the mail and I was hooked. I honestly am rarely loyal to a brand or got out of my way to find and purchase it. I go for whats on sale, what I have a coupon for and whats easiest to get. But this I make an exception for. My hair has never been so shiny or soft. I have naturally straight hair but this gives it the sleek smooth look that I love, without having to use the flat iron. I have found the availability limited, I can't find it locally at walmart, or the grocery store, but my Rite aid carries it most of the time. I dont know how well it works on curly or harder to manage hair, I just know that when I use it I love my hair and have gotten several compliments on how great my hair looks. I've recommended it to many friends, even my hairdresser! if you are looking for a new hair product try this out, you won't be dissappointed!!

East Liverpool, OH


Smooth operator is smooth


I have frizzy hair, I used this and the frizzy hair now was smooth and silky looking. My hair tends to be curly, the only thing is now there was no curl but definately no frizzies . I put on some gel to curl my hair and it looked fine. If you have straight hair this is great. For a curly look, you need to add another product to produce the curls

Deltona, FL


Love this product! Go Smooth Operator Lotion!


I absolutely love the entire got2b Smooth Operator Line.  I use the mousse and hairspray too, but I think that my favorite product of the entire line is the Smoothing Lustre Lotion.  I use this every day, even when I am going to use one of the other products because it immediately tames my frizzalicious hair in a way that few products seem to be able to.  I also use some of this before I use a flat iron or hair dryer because as the back claims, it has a heat styling protection element to it, which is really great because it means that I don't need to put in a bunch of products - its one stop shopping!  As with the other products in the line, the bottle is very cute and it doesn't look tacky sitting out on the bathroom counter.  I love the smell of this product and it doesn't fade away as the day progresses, nor does the smoothing element, which is of course, huge, when you have hair that wants to constantly frizz up!

Norcross, GA


My favorite hair care product


This is my favorite hair care product.  I got it to help control the frizzies (which it does), but it does so much more. I have used this product on both dry and towel dried hair.  It definitely works better on dry hair.  It can leave a slight greasy feel to the hair if you use too much or if it gets concentrated in one area.  When it is spread well, it only leaves a shine.  This product controls the fly aways well and helps my hair look soft instead of brittle. The best part...what no one including myself expected, is how great it is on my kids hair.  My kids unfortunately were blessed with cowlicks that run in our family.  After sleeping on their hair, they wake up crazy.  No amount of spray bottled water lays these sticking-up hairs back down again.  I put some on my son one day because he was fussing that he wanted some also. :)  His hair brushed down beautifully and didn't look "styled" at all.  It does leave his hair with a slight perfume-y smell, which he is too young to notice.  My daughter loves the smell. i would recommend this product to anyone who is self-conscious about their frizzy hair or anyone who needs to tame their kids' hair!

Raymond, MS


Schwarzkopf got2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Lotion


The Schwarzkopf got2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Lotion is awesome! I purchased mine in a set of two at the drugstore (one 6.8 fl oz, the other is a smaller travel-sized one). It comes in bottle-form and in lotion consistency. I originally purchased the product for its packaging. Not only does the packaging look nice, but the actual product is awesome as well. The scent is amazing! I switch between using this hair product and the Nexxus Leave-In Hair Conditioner because they are both great. They work about the same. They both leave the hair feeling smooth and soft, and smelling great throughout the day or night! I apply it to damp hair right out of the shower before and after blow-drying it, and also before applying any other type of heat product to it (such as a flat or curling iron). I would definitely repurchase. I must say the travel-sized product it comes with is really convenient! It lasts a long time despite its size.

Brooklyn, NY


got2b Smooth Operator makes my hair soft, silky and smooth!


I LOVE this product.  I know that this product may be for the younger generation...but I do not care.  I love it.  The only problem that I have with it is keeping my teenage daughters out of it!  I love the smell and I love the feel and lightweight luster that it creates in my hair.  It tames and calms my hair in ways that I never thought possible and I honestly feel that over time that it has improved the texture of my hair and I could not be happier.  My 18 year old daughter swears that I have beautiful hair and that I have used a straighter on it, but I have not.  I rarely need to use one now that I have this product.  I only regret that it took me this long to discover it.  The younger version of me would have loved this product.  On another positive note, my husband also loves it too...well, I should say that he loves the feel and smell of my hair and loves the improvment.  This is not a must in my hair care routine and I honestly feel that I would have a hard time living without it.

Belle Valley, OH


Schwarzkopf got2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion

4.4 75