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Schultz premium cactus  palms & citrus potting mix

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Schultz potting soil helps the black thumb pot it right!


    I'll  keep trying until I get it right!   and that's why I love **Schultz** potting soil mixes,      they have it right... at least the right potting  soil mixes for my plants.      As a **novice house plant hobbyist ** and **black thumb**, I have unintentionally killed more then half the house plants I purchased for my home. Too much water?   maybe... Not enough light?  possibly ... plants not healthy to begin with at time of purchase?... sometimes)....  What about the potting soil?  One day while looking for plants to replace the dead ones, I begin to notice how light the soil was in the pots at the garden centers  and ** Bingo!!** ... ** it dawned on me,  my potting soil was to heavy, and held  far to  much water!...  But how could this be?... I was purchasing the commercial potting soil mixes at the centers, those claiming that my plants will get better  drainage  and root aeriation.. Yet... some of my plants were suffocating and drowning in a pasty muddy soup!**I begin to experiment with different commercial  potting soils and found  (** Schultz premium** **Cactus Palm & Citrus potting mix **).  I re-potted **all** of my house plants in this mix, even those that are not a cactus or succulent and guess what?.. **Ther'e  Alive!  ** This potting soil is light, airy and drains well.. every thing **Schultz **said it would be!Yes.. with  the proper light, water, fertilizer, knowledge and experience you can have  healthy beautiful house plants!   **However... success begins with the soil!**...So  if you are a **novice **or **black thumb,**  I recommend..You make **Schultz** your friend.


Detroit, MI


Saved my dying transplanted baby aloe veras


I have always loved aloe vera plants and over the years when the plant makes baby plants I can never seem to have them survive when i transplant them to other soil. This time I transplanted them into Schultz premium cactus soil and they survived! Now each time I have baby plants i transplant them into this soil in a small containers and give them away to friends knowing they will live long healthy lives in this wonderful soil!


Citrus Heights, CA


Schultz premium cactus palms & citrus potting mix

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