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Schultz Plant Food plus

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So Easy to Use


Schutlz plant food plus is an excellent plant fertilizer product for all types of houseplants. You can even use it on cactus plants , African violets and orchids if you dilute it to half strength. I like that it is easy to use because it is already in liquid form and you just have to add a few drops to your watering pail before you water your plants. I have a lot of indoor plants and I have tried just about every type of plant food fertilizer product and I have to say using liquid concentrated fertilizer like the Schutlz plant food plus is much easier that mixing up the powder kind. It is less mess and it seems to work just as well. I think anyone that has houseplants really needs to have a supply of fertilizer on hand to have the best results with their plants. It will keep them healthier and greener and they will grow faster, bigger, and be more resistant to plant diseases and insect infestations.

Catlettsburg, KY


Schultz Plant Food plus

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